Orgasmic Platform: The 4 Steps to Orgasm

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orgasmic platform

You have heard women say a thousand times that intimacy is much more than penetration, and that is why today we are explaining to the gentlemen on the #Zenzsual blog how the female sexual response works, so that they know what is called the orgasmic platform. and get the most out of it.

Let's start by remembering that, for any intimate relationship to be truly enjoyable , both of you must spend time warming up beforehand. Because, while it's true that some people get aroused very quickly, most require some work on stimulation. Hence the importance of knowing well how your partner's body works and achieving the optimal level of excitement that will lead them to the climax.

What are the phases of the female sexual response?

Today in #TuSaludIntima we will dedicate ourselves to explaining to you what are the phases through which the woman's body passes to reach orgasm. Learn what happens in each of them:

The desire

Gentlemen, you know that women respond to multiple stimuli, which can trigger their desire to have erotic exchanges that can range from a simple kiss, sensual caresses without penetration or a more explicit and carnal encounter. It is worth noting that no stimulus is better than the other, it just depends on the moment.

on a physical level

The stimuli or sensory perceptions that generally arouse female desire are very varied:

  • The rubbing of the skin in certain areas of his body that excite him . That is why it is important that you know it from beginning to end!
  • The smell of your partner or a perfume that you like or that brings back memories.
  • Your hormonal levels : especially those substances such as serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine, capable of increasing sexual desire. You should also keep in mind that the menstrual cycle, age, childbirth and the arrival of menopause can alter the synthesis and production of testosterone and important neurotransmitters to keep sexual desire alive spontaneously.
  • If you have felt pain in your genitals or during penetration, which has a negative effect that produces fear of intimacy and reduces desire. We recommend this video from our YouTube channel #TuSaludIntima, where @doctoraklarasenior explains the types of vaginal pain: HERE
  • Physical exhaustion : if you have had a very hectic few days and your body asks for a long session in bed (but to sleep), your desire may not be triggered very well that day.

on a mental level

Erotic thoughts that stimulate areas of the brain related to fantasy or imagination can also greatly activate desire:

  • The memory of other erotic moments lived.
  • An insinuating sustained gaze , which makes him ask for more.
  • Auditory stimulation : the tone of your voice or a provocative rhythm.
  • Visual stimulation : by observing in you the physical characteristics that he likes the most, your style, your way of dressing, your bearing, etc.
  • If you are calm and focused on enjoying the moment, or if you feel stressed and have multiple concerns that take your thoughts elsewhere, totally disconnected from erotic pleasure.
  • Your mood : if you are happy, happy or sad, depressed or worried. Everything influences desire.

Although no obvious organic changes are observed in this phase , those connections are already being activated inside, capable of increasing sexual desire and moving on to the next phase. However, you have already been able to appreciate the multiplicity of factors that affect female desire and now you understand why sometimes she doesn't feel like it, or if she does and gets aroused, she can't have an orgasm, even though she's still genuinely interested in or in love with you.

What can I do if she never feels like it?

If she does not feel desire continuously or it is difficult for her , the time has come to take action and review her life and sexuality routines, from trying to lead a healthier one, taking care of her diet and exercising more, to dedicating more time to cultivating her life in couple. In our blog #Zenzsual we have several recommendations to revive your desire, like this article:Empowered, but with less desire! How to recover sexual desire after 40?

But if you have already tried everything and her lack of desire continues, we recommend you try LibiZenzs , the #Zenzsual libido booster that works directly to recover libido and energy, with natural ingredients that will help you regulate your hormone system. Keep in mind that there is also a male version of LibiZenzs for Men to help you with your performance and virility.

The Excitement

Gentlemen, you know that without physical attraction or desire, there is no arousal and much less possibility of reaching orgasm. The woman must feel sexually attracted, which is why imagination and brain stimulation are key in this initial phase.

Learn what happens in the woman's body in this phase:

    • The vagina begins to be lubricated through physical and mental stimulation, which is why the use of imagination and hands is key.
    • The vagina opens the way to the penis. Its walls widen and lengthen. The uterus rises and increases in size. If you don't take time for arousal, you can feel sometimes during penetration that you hit the ceiling with some deep positions, which happens to hit the cervix faster because the vagina hasn't had time to elongate.
  • The blood supply causes the female genitalia to fill with blood and you will see some changes in her body:
    • The clitoris becomes erect. You will notice it more swollen and larger than normal.
    • The vaginal lips increase in size. Looking chubby and pink.
    • The woman's breasts swell and the nipples harden.
    • The woman's body blushes noticing that her neck, breasts and torso turn pink or red.

    the plateau

    This phase is the prolongation or continuation of the previous stage, as long as sexual stimulation continues. Arousal continues to rise, and vasocongestion increases. There is also an increase in muscle tension, heart and respiratory rates accelerate, and blood pressure rises.

    Here we come to the formation of the " Orgasmic Platform " which happens when the vagina dilates. This means that its walls thicken and become more sensitive. It is not something visible to men, but it is important for their satisfaction, because the opening of the vagina narrows, the labia minora darkens and swells. The greatest vaginal expansion is achieved. And her breasts and areola continue to increase in size.


    Although it is very easy for some women to fake an orgasm, it is very difficult for a man to know if it is true or not. However, there are certain signals from her body that manifest and that will help you know if she is close to reaching orgasm:

    • A series of rhythmic contractions occurs beginning at the orgasmic platform and then moving to the rest of the vagina, clitoris, uterus, and anal sphincter.
    • Blood pressure and heart and respiratory rates increase , so women begin to breathe faster, panting heavily or produce release sounds like screaming.
    • And at the end, the famous explosion of satisfying sensations that we call the orgasm occurs .

    The resolution

    In this phase the woman's body returns to normal. The tension goes away, the blood stops concentrating in the pelvic tissues, breathing resumes its normal rhythm and you will no longer see her flushed. Although unlike the man, the woman can quickly activate herself to restart the sexual game and return to the initial stage, in search of a new orgasm, this is the moment in which many take advantage of the emotional connection, review how well they had and rest with the person you love.

    What can you do to make her orgasm more intense?

    • Dedicate time to the previous warm-up , so that all your physical functions are fully manifested.
    • Prepare yourself physically and mentally to give pleasure. A previous bath and a pleasant smell help a lot.
    • Communicate assertively with the right words, affection and empathy ahead, respect always present, to know when to take the next step.
    • Don't take it so personally! There are days when she won't be able to orgasm and that doesn't mean she enjoys being intimate with you or that you did something wrong. Women are able to enjoy intimacy even without penetration, so it's a matter of imagination and a lot of partner connection.
    • And if you want to take care of her feminine health to achieve more and more memorable orgasms , give her a VagiYoga vaginal exerciser , so that she can perform her Kegel exercises daily and strengthen her pelvic muscles to achieve better and greater contractions; avoiding diseases such as urinary incontinence and the prolapse of their organs. You can get it in our online store .

    Keep in mind that if your pelvic floor is weakened , your contractions become slower, with less force and even disappear, because these are muscles that, like the rest of our body, require constant work to recover the proper tone and stay healthy.

    Last but not least, remember to have a quality intimate gel on hand , such as the one from #Zenzsual, which has high levels of hyaluronic acid, to nourish your tissues and avoid, in each session, the pain caused by rubbing during warm-up and penetration in case they are not well lubricated.

    In this blog we will continue writing all those women's secrets, which will help you communicate better with them, know how female sexuality works -and at the end of the road- you can get to know it in depth, for the good of the relationship and the happiness of both .


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