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How was Zenzsual born?

Dr. Sofia Herrera

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Dr. Klara Senior

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Our brand

Zenzsual® was founded by Drs. Klara Senior and Sofía Herrera, who after more than 20 years of experience as surgeons treating women's health and beauty problems closely and directly, discovered that there was a gap between Health, Beauty and Sexuality. So they designed this concept of products and services that are going to provide women, whatever their age, what is necessary to maintain comprehensive health always has to start from the inside out. Klara Senior and Sofia Herrera, after many years working together with women, realized that it is working together with the different disciplines and educational, cosmetic and nutritional tools that can give women true empowerment. Which translates into a high quality of life and complete satisfaction, feeling therefore, Beautiful and Healthy even in the most intimate when recovering or rediscovering the true pleasure of BEING A WOMAN.