Are you sure you know how to please him? Secrets that your man wants and perhaps has not confessed to you.


Your man has a whole map of pleasure in his body, and you can be the explorer that makes him vibrate.

Many times we think that sex is different for men and women. That they always want more, that they light up faster, that they have to meet certain standards. Society has made us believe that male sexuality is a competition and a litmus test. But what goes through the heads and hearts of men? They also have their needs and desires, and perhaps they do not dare to express them. For this reason, we want to reveal some secrets that your man wants and perhaps has not confessed to you.

Your relationship does not have to fall into the routine, there are many ways to light the fire of desire in bed. Don't settle for the usual, they also love to explore new sensations.

Would you like to know how to make him go crazy in bed? Do you want to surprise him this Father's Day? Keep reading 👇🏻

Tips to satisfy your man

Be daring and forget about complexes

Do you know the secret to driving a man crazy in bed? It's not just the techniques, the tricks, the postures or the products. It is the confidence in yourself.

If you feel sure of your body, your desire and your pleasure, you will transmit an irresistible erotic energy. It doesn't matter if you have more or less experience, what matters is that you dare to enjoy.

Do not let your insecurities or your criticisms of your body cut the moment. All you need is to trust yourself, allow him to explore you with his hands and eyes, and share with him every moment of pleasure and passion.

After all, he doesn't care about those 'imperfections' that you see in yourself.

Do not stay still and surprise him with your passion and your daring. Men love it when a woman takes the initiative and seduces them without waiting for them to do all the work. Let yourself be carried away by desire and make him see that you want to enjoy his company to the fullest. This way you will make sex an unforgettable experience for both of you.

It all starts before the act

Do not stop seducing your partner. Many women know how to use flirting to ignite the spark of passion early in a relationship. But over time, that art is forgotten and the power of seduction is left aside.

The reality is that pleasure in bed begins long before you get to it. A knowing look, an intentional touch or some suggestive words can do wonders for your sex life. Even a spicy WhatsApp can be the best appetizer for a night of passion.

control the rhythm

Before you start stimulating him in bed, make him wait a bit, but in a smart way. Do not rush. Try to seduce him subtly and then provoke him with intensity. While it is true that having a direct attitude can help increase pleasure in men, the expectation can achieve this same effect and more.

Look for the right moment to touch it. When the penis is erect, start stroking it slowly. Make sure you gradually increase the intensity, so that he gets a little desperate waiting for those squeezes that he loves so much.

Do not go directly with a lot of speed, since the rush only remains fatigue. Reserve speed and pressure for later.

The key is not to use the faster and stronger pace from the start, since you won't have more options to increase it later. If you start at full speed from the beginning, the act could be monotonous.

His arousal is generated by the sight

Men are aroused largely by the sense of sight.

Just as you put effort into wrapping a gift, you can also get creative and use the lingerie that best highlights your qualities. Again: Don't be shy or embarrassed. He will be turned on by your confidence and security.

They can also enjoy pornography in a healthy way. This will help you turn him on, especially if you let him watch you masturbate in the process.

Whether they use pornography or not, watching you masturbate is one of the most arousing foreplay fantasies for men. To make it more interesting, you can use our VagiYoga or the TRIOrgasmic .

Of course: do not leave your stimulation in the visual, and move on to the real action.

Identify your pleasure zones

Did you know that man has many sensitive points that make him vibrate with desire? They are the erogenous zones, magical places that when touched, kissed or licked, light it up like a flame.

Not all men like to express what their favorite areas are, since we know how proud they can be. The preference varies between each person, but we reveal which are usually the most common:

The neck and nape

Many times we ignore it, but kisses, caresses and even the tongue in this area can generate a lot of pleasure, either in the foreplay or when the climax is about to arrive.


Nothing like ears to turn a man on without touching him. You have many options: kiss them, caress them and whisper to them. Make him feel your breath, your moans and your provocative phrases. Tell him what you want to do to him and what you want him to do to you with a naughty and sensual voice.

Pro tip: Identify if he likes you to talk dirty to him. Go trying words and phrases and see their reaction. If you see that he gets upset or cuts off, change the subject and continue. Don't feel sorry or ashamed. Breaking the taboo and putting yourself in the shoes of who dominates is essential to drive him crazy.


A very sensitive area that you can take advantage of. Touch them with your fingers, your chin, and besides the obvious (kissing them), you can bring them closer to the parts that they like the most about you.


With your lips and your hands you can work wonders on the sides of the breast, the nipples and the space between them. They are full of nerves that encourage pleasure.

abdomen and crotch

Explore the area that separates your navel from your sex. It is a very sensitive point that you can caress with your hand, going up and down according to the rhythm of her arousal. Don't just focus on his penis. It borders the entire part from his abdomen to his crotch. We bet you will see his penis desperate to be touched.


Don't forget about the buttocks, an erogenous zone that many men adore. While you play with his hips, legs and penis, caress and squeeze his buttocks. And if you feel willing, try biting him to see how he reacts.

men's g spot

To make a long story short, the 'male G-spot' is the prostate and is about two inches in the rectum (towards the belly), which can be stimulated through anal penetration. This stimulation can mean a whole new avenue of pleasure for men.

Now, this subject can be very taboo. Before trying it, good communication between the couple is essential, give your man confidence to try it, receive his approval, and always keep in mind that the pleasure they enjoy has nothing to do with sexual orientation or gender.

Even if they don't admit it, there are many men who secretly desire anal stimulation. Every body is different, and everyone decides how they want to enjoy themselves, but it is a scientific reality that men can achieve intense orgasms by stimulating their prostate, either internally (anal penetration) or externally (stroking the perineum). .

If you are interested in trying this type of stimulation, it is essential that you use a high quality lubricant such as our Tabu Lub , which is made with the highest medical grade silicone, which allows you to obtain maximum performance, ideal for lubricating and preparing the anus for stimulation.

You can start with making him feel pleasure with a perineum massage. Then, stroke her anus with your finger and apply some gel. Penetrate it gently and explore its interior with upward and downward movements. Watch how he reacts and together determine whether to move on or move on to another form of enjoyment.

PS: This topic has a lot of cloth to cut, so we will give more details in a future blog.

Masturbate him and give him oral sex

After having covered his body with your lips and your tongue, it is time for you to focus on his penis, the center of his pleasure. Don't just use your hands to pet him. Use your tongue and your mouth to explore his penis, his glans and his testicles, and make him feel each caress as if it were the last.

Begin to caress him gently and let yourself be carried away by his moans. When you notice that he is well aroused, increase the pace and intensity. Make him feel your hot and wet mouth on him. Alternate sucking, licking, light nibbling and kissing, and watch her get aroused.

They love that you watch them in the process, and there's nothing like watching them enjoy while you give them good oral sex, but for it to be amazing, you have to enjoy it too. If for some reason you don't enjoy giving him oral sex, let him do it to you, or have him enjoy your body as well. And if they want to enjoy oral pleasure together, 69 will always be a good option.

Play with different positions

Dare to explore new ways of making love, changing posture and scenery. There are positions that men love because they allow them to feel more intensity and passion. As we said earlier, men are very visual, so aim for poses where he gets a good overview of his favorite parts of you.

Whether it's the famous 'doggy' position, the missionary, you up and down; if they are enjoying it, at this point neither of them can be focused on 'thinking' what to do, but rather on feeling.

Just let the moment flow and you both enjoy what you want.

Before implementing any advice.

Not all men react the same to different stimuli. If you notice him tensing up or pulling away when you're trying to do something, stop and move on to something else. Ask him what he likes and listen to his answers. Her moans will guide you through the most sensitive areas of her body. This way you will learn to give pleasure and enjoy together.

While everyone is different, there are products that will help you achieve maximum pleasure, regardless of the path you choose.

To make life easy for you, we have a 25% discount on the entire store , so you can save by enjoying your sexuality to the fullest, and give your partner an unforgettable Father's Day. Here is a suggestion of the most popular products and their practical uses:

  • Tabu Lub : To stimulate the anus correctly.

We hope you have enjoyed this article, and that you enjoy it even more when you put it into practice. Any questions, do not hesitate to write us by WhatsApp +13057712252, or leave us a comment on our social networks.

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