Revealing Secrets: Bad Habits That Alter Your Menstrual Cycle

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On the fascinating journey of being a woman, we face unique mysteries, adventures and challenges that shape our existence. One of these recurring adventures is our menstrual cycle, that monthly experience that, let's face it, brings us a range of emotions and sensations. From annoying pains to those unexpected midnight chocolate cravings, every woman experiences her period in a unique way. But what if we told you that there are certain habits, small details that we have adopted in our daily lives, that could be adding more drama to the already intense menstrual plot?

For a moment, imagine a more bearable period, where the symptoms do not overwhelm you and you feel more in tune with your body. It's possible! And the first step is to know and understand those habits that, although they seem harmless, may be altering your cycle.

Together, we will unravel these habits, learn to recognize them and, most importantly, discover how to turn them into allies of our menstrual health.

Common Menstruation Problems

Menstruation, that recurring companion in every woman's life, often brings with it a series of challenges and peculiarities that make us sigh and sometimes roll our eyes. While it is an essential and natural function of our body, it is impossible to deny that it can sometimes be quite uncomfortable.

Let's start with menstrual cramps , which are, perhaps, the symptom most associated with menstruation. Those sharp or stabbing pains in the lower abdomen can be really annoying, and sometimes they also extend to the back, making even the simplest tasks seem like a mountain.

Then there is the famous Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) , a set of emotional and physical symptoms that usually occur days before menstruation begins. From mood swings to bloating, PMS can feel like an emotional and physical roller coaster that takes us by surprise each month.

On the other hand, some women deal with heavy flows , heavier than normal menstrual bleeding that can cause discomfort and worry. These flows not only mean a more frequent change of menstrual products, but also greater attention to our health and well-being.

Menstrual irregularities are another common problem. Not all women have a 28-day cycle, and that's okay. But when the cycle doesn't follow a predictable pattern, it can lead to stress and worry. Not knowing when your next period will come can be unsettling, especially if you're someone who's always on the go.

Finally, menstrual fatigue is a challenge that many women face. Feeling exceptionally tired or exhausted before or during menstruation is something that goes beyond simple tiredness. It's like your entire body is crying out for a break, regardless of how much sleep you got the night before.

These problems, although common, do not have to be a constant in your life. Listening to our body and making small adjustments to our daily routine can significantly improve our menstrual experience. Now, it is time to point out those bad habits that are present in our daily lives, in order to find solutions:

Food: Source of Life and Imbalance

Caffeine: It's not just coffee, it's chocolate, soft drinks, even some medications. Caffeine can exacerbate bloating, cause breast tightness, and enhance irritability. Solution: Consider decaffeinated options and increase your water consumption.

Excess Salt: In addition to retaining fluids, excessive consumption can negatively affect blood pressure, which usually fluctuates during the cycle. Tip: Explore the wonders of herbs and spices. Not only will they add flavor to your dishes, they also offer health benefits.

Refined Sugars: Can cause a rapid rise and fall in blood glucose, exacerbating mood swings. Solution: Learn to prepare desserts with natural and organic ingredients. There is a world of recipes waiting to be discovered!

Processed Foods: Favorites for their convenience, but silent enemies of our hormonal health. TIP: Plan your meals. Preparing your food at home can be therapeutic and beneficial.

Lifestyle: The Impact of Our Routines

Lack of Physical Activity: Exercise = endorphins = natural relief for menstrual pain. You don't need to run a marathon; A walk outdoors may be enough.

Not Listening to your Body: Each woman is a universe. Identify which foods, activities and routines suit you and which don't. Your body usually gives you signals; learn to interpret them.

Alcohol and Tobacco Consumption: Both can affect the length and regularity of your cycle. Additionally, alcohol can interact with medications you may be taking. Recommendation: If you decide to consume, do so in moderation.

Inadequate Contraceptives: Not all contraceptives are ideal for everyone. If you feel adverse effects, it is vital to talk to your doctor.

Hydration: Water helps regulate everything from body temperature to digestion. During menstruation, good hydration can relieve many symptoms.

Constant Stress: Chronic stress can trigger hormonal imbalances, affecting the regularity and severity of your cycle.

Environmental factors

Unsuitable Menstrual Products: Not all pads, tampons or menstrual cups are suitable for everyone. Additionally, some disposable products may have irritating chemicals. Solution: Research, test and find what works best for you.

Toxic Exposure: Beauty products, household cleaners, and more may contain endocrine disruptors. Tip: Opt for organic and natural alternatives.


Empowerment comes from knowledge. Understanding our menstrual phases, learning to record symptoms, and understanding our flow is transformative.

You can always find more information on our blogs.

Embracing Our Cycle with Knowledge, Love and Discounts

In the journey that being a woman entails, menstruation is one of those chapters that, although it visits us every month, sometimes still surprises us with unexpected turns. The problems and discomforts we have mentioned are common, and it is likely that many of us have experienced one or more of them at some point in our lives. But here lies the true power of knowledge: by understanding what is happening in our bodies and recognizing those habits that could be exacerbating our symptoms, we empower ourselves to make more informed and loving decisions for ourselves.

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But beyond any product or solution, the most important thing is the journey of self-knowledge and connection with our body. At the end of the day, menstruation is just one part of the amazing experience of being a woman. So, dear reader, I invite you to embrace your cycle with understanding, patience and a lot of love. Because each of our days, red or not, deserves to be lived with joy and fullness. Until next time! 🌷

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