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when he doesn't feel like it

Although popular culture has a hard time admitting it, a lack of sexual desire in men is a common reality, which occurs when there is a low level of interest in sexual relations. Do not remain silent and seek a solution with the support of your partner. There are always options to get it back!

Latin American men generally have a conception of sexuality that is highly focused on the genital act and the role played by the penis. Thus, the loss of erection can be perceived as a problem when confirming their masculinity and reproductive capacity, because society and women expect a visible erection.

In this short article we want to explain to #TeamZenzsual that desire is only the starting point or the impulse that leads you to have satisfactory sexual relations and if the man has difficulties to start, they should start by reviewing the causes to find the best solutions. It can be a specific situation with an easy solution, you just have to be willing to work on it and at #TuSaludIntima we always want to help you live a pleasant, healthy, balanced and totally well-being sexual life.

How to know if the lack of desire is your case?

Lack of desire has several ways of manifesting itself:

  • Lack of primary sexual desire : it is the one that mainly affects women who have never had enough sexual desire. It is translated as the null capacity to have sexual fantasies or few behaviors with sexual purposes. It manifests during adolescence and can worsen in adulthood.
  • Secondary lack of sexual desire : occurs in people who have enjoyed a normal sexual desire but, over time, lose interest in it.
  • Generalized lack of sexual desire : the affected person has no desire for their partner or for anyone else.
  • Lack of situational sexual desire : the affected person does not have sexual desire for his partner, but for other people.


All these types can have different causes, either organic or psychological :

  • Effect of some drugs.
  • Hormonal alterations and neuroendocrine problems.
  • Metabolic diseases.
  • Chronic diseases.

Psychological factors include:

  • couple problems
  • Sexual dysfunctions (such as erectile dysfunction).
  • Mood disorders.
  • Anxiety and stress.
  • Fatigue.
  • Fear of not satisfying the couple.
  • Unsatisfactory sex life.
  • Monotony.

Keep in mind that in some occasions the lack of desire can be derived from a combination of organic and psychological causes . Whatever the causes, you should appeal to professional help.

How to solve the lack of sexual desire?

  1. The first thing is to go to a medical team to help them address the situation from various points of view. Specialists in Internal Medicine , Psychology, Psychiatry , Sexology and Urology are the first to consult.

    1. The sexologist can help address possible physiological causes.
    2. The psychologist can help with some individual and couples therapies to work on all the factors that maintain low sexual desire and the other doctors can collaborate.

  2. It is key to have the will to educate desire little by little , to discover ways of wanting to have sexual encounters. Couples therapy and sex therapy can be helpful. In these cases, remember that you can always find the #SexCoaching sessions on our website #TuSaludIntima to address the doubts and dilemmas that this situation is causing.

  3. If the lack of sexual desire is temporary, they can work on the positive reinforcements , dedicated to promoting eroticism with stimuli individually and with your partner, without pressing for intercourse, but rather concentrating on enjoying the moment:

    1. Exploit all the senses:
    2. Vision : watch erotic movies, role play, change the scenery, wear the clothes your partner likes, etc.
    3. Smell: use your favorite scent in the room, the perfume that turns you on, etc.
    4. Taste: put your favorite flavor at the moment.
    5. Touch: give yourself the time to experience sensations on the skin from end to end, different temperatures and textures that take you out of the routine and can stimulate you.
    6. Hearing : put on music that invites them to think about sex, those daring lyrics that they like to sing something soft and seductive rather. It all adds up!

  4. Balance your libido : on our website you have the #Zenzsual products, the nutritional supplement to revive male desire #LibiZens for Men , a libido booster for gentlemen designed to balance their testosterone levels, increase sexual desire and enhance their virility at the moment more intimate, from a combination of natural ingredients that enhance your virility with a natural formula.

  5. Lots of communication with your partner . Mutual support is essential to eliminate pressure and focus together on regaining desire. In difficult times it is important that they support each other without reproaching or looking for culprits that do not resolve the situation.

If you want to know other recommendations on ways to revive desire, we recommend this article from our blog: Does your partner want nothing at all? It's not infidelity, he has a low libido

The important thing is not to remain paralyzed and frustrated, and instead, deal with the situation in a thoughtful way to gradually recover desire, with an open mind about the ways of feeling and giving pleasure and approaching the situation from various fronts. And of course, discuss it with your partner to work together, without reproaches or false expectations.

In the content that we share through our social networks @TuSaludIntima and that of whom we speak to you through this medium, Dr. Sofía Herrera @Tu_ginecologa and Dr. Klara Senior @DoctoraKlaraSenior, you will find various techniques of giving and receiving pleasure that can help you in the path of satisfaction and recovery of desire.


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