Delayed or delayed ejaculation: "It takes me a long time to ejaculate... what happens to me?"

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delayed ejaculation

If one day you realized that, during sexual intercourse, it took you longer than normal to ejaculate, it is likely that you have had an episode of Delayed Ejaculation or also known as Delayed Ejaculation. A sexual disorder many suffer but few comment, and even believing that it is a kind of sexual "super power".

Today we want to tell you everything you should know about Delayed Ejaculation and the steps to follow to overcome it. Take note!

The first…

What is Delayed Ejaculation or Delayed Ejaculation?

You should know that delayed ejaculation —also known as ejaculation impairment—is a disorder in which it takes a long time of male sexual stimulation for a man to reach climax and release semen through the penis (ejaculation). It can even happen that some men with delayed ejaculation are unable to ejaculate completely.

Delayed ejaculation can be temporary or a lifelong problem . In general, the probable causes of delayed ejaculation include some chronic diseases, surgeries, and medications. To arrive at an effective treatment, it is necessary, friend, to first identify the cause of said disorder.

It is totally normal for men to experience delayed ejaculation from time to time. Therefore, delayed ejaculation only becomes a problem if it is continuous or causes stress in the man or his partner.

What are the symptoms of Delayed Ejaculation?

Typically, some men with delayed ejaculation need 30 minutes or more of sexual stimulation to orgasm and eventually ejaculate. Others, on the other hand, may not directly ejaculate (it is known as anejaculation).

But there is no specific time that indicates a diagnosis of delayed ejaculation . Rather than a "timing" issue, a man is likely to experience delayed ejaculation if the delay causes him distress or frustration. Or if you have to stop sexual activity due to fatigue, physical irritation, loss of erection or at the request of your partner.

It is common for men to have difficulty reaching orgasm during sexual intercourse or other sexual activities with a partner. Some men can only ejaculate when they masturbate.

Delayed ejaculation is divided into the following types based on the symptoms:

  • For life vs. acquired . In the case of lifelong delayed ejaculation, the problem occurs from the time of sexual maturity. Acquired delayed ejaculation occurs after a period of normal sexual functioning.
  • generalized vs. situational . Generalized delayed ejaculation is not limited to certain sexual partners, nor is it limited to certain types of stimulation. Situational delayed ejaculation occurs only in certain circumstances.

Seeing it like this, by categories, helps to diagnose a hidden cause and to determine what could be the most effective treatment in each case.

If you have read up to this point and feel that your case is Delayed Ejaculation, the first thing you have to do is see your doctor. Especially if this is a problem for you and your relationship.

Why is delayed ejaculation happening to me?

If you are asking yourself this question, you should keep in mind that there may be several causes. Delayed ejaculation can be caused by medications, certain chronic diseases, and surgeries. Or it may be caused by substance abuse or a mental health problem, such as depression, anxiety, or stress. In many cases, it is due to a combination of physical and psychological problems.

Among the psychological causes we can find:

  • Depression, anxiety or other mental illnesses
  • Relationship problems due to stress, poor communication or other concerns
  • performance anxiety
  • Negative body image
  • Cultural or religious taboos
  • Differences between real sex with a partner and sexual fantasies

Regarding medications and other substances that can cause delayed ejaculation, we can see:

  • some antidepressants
  • Certain medications for high blood pressure
  • certain diuretics
  • Some antipsychotic medications
  • Some anti-seizure medications
  • Alcohol, particularly drinking too much alcohol (alcohol abuse or alcoholism)

Physical causes of delayed ejaculation include:

  • Certain congenital anomalies affecting the male reproductive system
  • Injury to the pelvic nerves that control orgasm
  • Certain infections, such as a urinary infection
  • Prostate surgery, such as transurethral resection of the prostate or removal of the prostate
  • Neurological diseases, such as diabetic neuropathy, stroke, or injury to the nerves of the spinal cord
  • Hormone-related disorders, such as low thyroid hormone levels (hypothyroidism) or low testosterone levels (hypogonadism)
  • Retrograde ejaculation, a disorder in which semen travels backwards and enters the bladder instead of exiting the penis

As you will see, there are many causes that can cause Delayed Ejaculation, which is why it is so important, first of all, to see your urologist.

The step by step that you should follow if you have Delayed Ejaculation:

    1. Go to a specialist . To help you evaluate and find the cause of this disorder, be it psychological, medication or physical.

    2. Before going to consult:
      1. Write down all the symptoms you've had, even if they don't seem related to delayed ejaculation.
      2. Write down your key personal information, such as major stressors or recent changes in your life, illnesses, or changes in medications you take.
      3. Make a list of all the medications, vitamins, herbal remedies, and supplements you take.
      4. Attend with your partner, if possible. Your partner could provide information that will help diagnose and treat the problem.
      5. Write down questions to ask the doctor.
    3. If you are in a couple, talk about what is happening to you. Dialogue with the couple is essential. If you are attracted to your partner but that is not the cause of the difficulty ejaculating, you should say so clearly. By talking with your partner, it will be much easier to approach the difficulty with serenity, assertiveness and patience.
    4. Seek support with a specialist in psychology or sexology . If the causes are psychological or sexological, often these professionals can accompany you with guidelines for improving your sexual life with or without a partner. Generally, keys are offered to improve arousal and abandonment in erotic encounters and that the rhythm, stimulation, and movements adapt to those that the man needs to achieve orgasm, ensuring that this also translates into an improvement of the relationship with the partner.

      At TuSaludIntima we have specialists who can accompany you in this process in remote sessions and who you can find here.

    5. Change your diet . In general we do not usually pay attention to what we eat from food. Observe what and how you are eating. We suggest you start preferring more fruits, vegetables, cereals and foods that are NOT processed. Greater consumption of water, eliminate sugar from your diet and of course the excessive consumption of alcohol and other substances.

      Natural and organic will always be better . We also suggest you support yourself with Libizenzs Men from Zenzsual, a completely natural herbal nutritional supplement that helps increase sexual desire, energy, well-being and also contributes to improving erections, making them firmer and more sustained, due to the components vasodilators, which stimulate blood flow to the penis.

    6. Exercise daily . Many men tend to neglect their body and health in general. That is why we always suggest you exercise daily, especially cardiovascular activities such as running, walking or swimming. Exercising gives more oxygen to the blood, improves circulation (which later benefits erections) and helps us release stress and get out of emotions such as anxiety or depression.

Sometimes we think that what is happening to us is not important, like this Delayed Ejaculation Disorder, which many silently underestimate. Remember that it is in your hands to try to lead a healthy and full life, it is very easy and only you can achieve it.

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