Depression affects life as a couple, we tell you what you should do

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depression affects life as a couple

Every year almost a million people commit suicide and depression is one of those mood disorders that lead people to make a bad decision. Acting in a timely manner is our responsibility. Do not let it affect your well-being and your relationship.

Suicide is a complex problem, involving psychological, social, biological, cultural and environmental factors. And according to the WHO, available data compellingly demonstrates that proper prevention and treatment of depression and alcohol and substance abuse reduce suicide rates, as does follow-up contact with those who have attempted suicide.

That is why it is important that we all learn to identify when we are in the presence of depression , because many times we use this term lightly simply to express when we are sad.

Depression is a mood disorder in which feelings of sadness, loss, anger, or frustration interfere with your daily life for weeks or months, affecting your quality of life.

Those who live depressed see their feelings and thoughts altered , affecting various aspects of their life due to sadness, low spirits, loss of interest in everything and the feeling of being unable to face daily challenges.

When you are depressed you face a general reluctance and physical abandonment , you will have poor work and educational performance, your diet is altered and some acute or chronic diseases may appear.

Life as a couple and sexual intimacy can be affected when you are depressed

Among the symptoms of depression that affect your sexuality, you will feelless desire or pleasure , erotic fantasies disappear, until you reach anorgasmia or erectile dysfunction in men. Depending on the degree of intensity, you may experience anxiety, isolation, and a complete absence of pleasant stimuli.

The depression of one of the two members of the couple can lead to the loss of the ability to enjoy sex in privacy and restrict all sexual initiative.

And to complicate the situation, depression also has the ability to negatively impact a loved one's mental health and even trigger cognitive decline in couples over time, a study from the University's School of Public Health found. from Yale, in the United States.

According to these scientists, this happens because the emotions and intellectual activities of the spouses influence each other in daily life, and with this study they found that the mental and cognitive health of the couples are also related to time.

Although depression is not a game and requires specialized medical attention , many people minimize it and stop treating this serious emotional disorder, which ultimately affects the family and social environment of those who experience it.

For this reason, below we share some recommendations to prevent this from happening to you and that you and your love relationship are victims of depression.

What can I do if my depression is affecting my relationship?

It is essential to timely control, prevent and treat all mental and cognitive health problems that either member of the couple may have and be diagnosed by a specialist.

Whether it is your case or that of your partner, you can investigate, observe and analyze if they present the following behaviors or symptoms:

  • Is sad or blue all the time.
  • Is short-tempered or irritable most often, with sudden outbursts of anger.
  • Not enjoying activities that normally make you happy.
  • Live hopelessly.
  • You don't feel good about yourself or you feel useless, you hate yourself and/or you feel guilty.
  • You have trouble sleeping or sleep a lot.
  • You have trouble concentrating.
  • Always moves slowly or seems scared or agitated.
  • Loss of appetite or you have lost weight.
  • You feel tired and have little energy.
  • You have become less active or stop doing your usual activities.

If you detect several of these symptoms, it is important that you see a specialist doctor, who is trained to diagnose depression and can give you recommendations to treat it properly.

In addition to the treatment indicated by your doctor, and if the depression affected your life as a couple , we recommend including a #SexCoaching session in the treatment to address the situation comprehensively and seek a solution with professional help on these issues. On our website you will find specialists. Visit:

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The main message that we want to leave you with #TuSaludIntima is that if you are depressed or have doubts, seek professional help because, even if you don't see it at that moment, everything has a solution and you will be able to overcome it over time, following the treatment indicated by your doctor.

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