Coronavirus COVID-19: Surviving quarantine as a couple

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surviving quarantine as a couple

The expansion of COVID-19 has forced us to spend much more time than normal with our partners. An unprecedented situation that makes us wonder if our relationship will manage to survive this great challenge or if it will die trying. That is why we share these tips that will be very useful to you these days.

If just hearing the word quarantine or confinement makes you claustrophobic , you despair at imagining so many days of confinement, or you are simply terrified of spending 24 hours a day listening to your partner's jokes, or putting up with their bad mood, it is time for you. you think about it seriously and learn to carry the moment in a positive way for both of you.

It is still too early to quantify the magnitude of the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic in our society, the truth is that all of us without exception are going to learn something important for our health care and the modification of some daily behaviors. But beyond the direct implications, at #Zenzsual we have to analyze and share some recommendations to minimize the negative impact of living in confinement with your partner.

The truth is that quarantine can affect your relationship in a positive or negative way. It all depends on you, because when we spend more time together our positions sharpen. And if we have a healthy, communicative and respectful relationship, it will be a good time to enhance these qualities and enjoy together. But if, on the contrary, we have a relationship full of problems and insecurities, this quarantine can intensify the conflict, drive them further apart and trigger the final separation.

Keep in mind that it is not the time itself that causes the separation of a couple, but the way in which that time is shared . We invite you to see it as a challenge to strengthen the relationship!

Be aware of the situation

It is normal that in this type of contingency the management of our emotions becomes more complicated , since it is a pandemic with a global impact. Become aware of what you may be feeling and rationalize the situation:

  1. Fear has arisen over the health risks posed by the virus.
  2. The anguish of infecting or infecting someone in the family appears .
  3. We feel anxiety about wasting time by spending so much time at home.
  4. Nerves surface to resolve daily life (food, water, medicines, hygiene measures, etc.)
  5. We worry excessively about the economic problems they will have to face, since many couples do not know what will happen to their jobs and finances once the quarantine is over.
  6. We live in constant stress due to the news that comes and goes.

Also, as the days of quarantine go by, things can get more difficult. The important thing is that we learn as a couple to deal with our own emotional reactions to the coronavirus.

What you can do together in quarantine!

  • Strengthen intimacy : look for some activity to do together: some sport, drawing, reading, listening to music, dancing, long talks, naps, relaxed meals, in short, limited but united leisure.
  • Turn small moments together into a mini-honeymoon and create your own bubble in the face of uncertainty. Give yourself the opportunity to meet again and meet again.
  • It reinforces the affective part , not only the sexual one: affection , hugs, caresses, kisses and support for the other.
  • You also need to find your time and your space (separately) to have some time alone, even though the place is small. You don't have to be together 24 hours a day.
  • Don't constantly expose yourself to negative news or argue over different views you may have on the pandemic.
  • Avoid arguing over nonsense, because being together the fight can last for hours and without good reason. 
  • Stay calm in conflicts . Try to be flexible, accepting the opinion of the other.
  • Listen actively, repeating what you have understood so as not to misinterpret (and without irony).
  • Negotiate to reach a reasonable consensus, where one time gives in and the next time the other.
  • Don't neglect your friends . It is important to maintain relationships and talk to different people during these days. Use the phone!
  • take advantage of time to think , reflect and discover the aspects that can be improved in the relationship that should be strengthened together.
  • Make plans and dream about the future that awaits you.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity in your favor . Remember those days when you wanted to work from home and spend more time with your partner. Rediscover the other, take advantage of the extra time to touch, smell, enjoy and do everything you are passionate about.
  • Organize time in a balanced way between moments alone, with a partner and catching up with family and friends. You can have schedules and routines to help you .
  • Communicate your emotions . Expressing your feelings or thoughts can help your partner understand what you are going through.
  • Take advantage of these days to have relevant conversations with your partner , to talk about their concerns, find out what the other thinks about you, about the well-being of both, their plans together and the moments that could be improved, always doing it in a loving way, with the aim of to connect more and grow hand in hand.

Good communication , flexibility and organization are the fundamental basis to spend this period in a calm way that allows you to get closer to the person you love. The most essential thing is to make an effort to plan what is in your hands , to have a lot of patience and gratitude. Everything will pass!

What you should avoid in quarantine!

  1. Forget about you and not spend time . Sharing time together is great, but find your space and rewarding activities.
  2. Everything that is forced and not chosen is lived worse. Suggest to your partner some plans together, but don't pull the strings if they don't want to join.
  3. Read between the lines when the other wants to be alone or doesn't want to talk. Give him his space.
  4. Get frustrated or discouraged if an argument arises . The key is learning to deal with the unexpected.
  5. Suppress your feelings and opinions, reproaching everything . It is better that you do it the way you would like them to be exposed to you.

    How is your sexuality in the face of the coronavirus?

    • Many say that the quarantine is better in bed: but the reality is that anxiety and paranoia play against it and it will be impossible if one of the two has the coronavirus. Ideally, if you feel calm, and it does not represent risks, you prefer to have sex as a relaxation and connection therapy as a couple.
    • Self-examination or masturbation is another possible solution to pass the quarantine: especially for infected or suspected couples, singles or boyfriends who live apart. For some compelling reason, a famous sexual platform released its subscription to all Italians, inviting them to stay home and tune in to its programming.
    • Take the opportunity to havea Sexcoaching session : if you feel that the situation is getting complicated or you want to solve some doubts about life as a couple and your sexuality. At Zenzsual we offer sessions with a team of experts willing to listen to you and solve the dilemmas of relationships and sexuality, because we work every day to ensure your well-being and women's health.

    The final message is that you try to ensure that this health contingency has positive consequences in your relationship, that you manage to reduce anxiety and be calmer , strengthening that feeling of togetherness and of being part of a team at the end of the road.

    As always, in this quarantine we also invite you to visit our website and follow our social networks where we constantly share content aimed precisely at helping you stay healthy, sexually full and happy.


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