5 ways to protect yourself from vaginal infections

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vaginal infections

One of your vagina's first lines of defense is the local bacterial flora. Understanding how Lactobacilli (the Good Police Officers) work is key to staying healthy.

It is essential that every woman knows that by having a healthy vaginal flora, she is protecting herself against vaginal (urogenital) infections. The vagina has an ecosystem of microbes that under normal conditions is in perfect balance. But when that microbiome is disturbed, the acidity of the vaginal flora is altered and fungal, yeast or bacterial infections arise.

The vaginal flora is made up of various types of bacteria and the predominant ones are lactobacilli , those beneficial bacteria that we call “the good cops”, because they play a dominant role in defending against infections.

Lactobacilli offer protection against microbes, from the external environment , as well as microbes residing in the vagina, but they multiply abnormally quickly, causing problems when they occur in excess such as bacterial vaginosis , a type of vaginal inflammation caused by Overgrowth of bacteria naturally found in the vagina, upsetting the natural pH balance of that area.

Women in their reproductive years are more likely to get bacterial vaginosis , but it can affect women of any age. And keep in mind that certain activities, such as unprotected sex and frequent douching, increase the risk of contracting this bacterial vaginosis.

Here we go with 5 recommendations to stay away from vaginal infections!

1. A healthy vagina needs to have lactobacillus .

Those good bacteria we are talking about, responsible for producing lactic acid, necessary to create an acidic environment in the vagina, necessary to prevent the proliferation of other "harmful" bacteria. Furthermore, lactobacilli also protect the health of the baby when a woman is pregnant.

If you are looking for a way to maintain optimal levels of lactobacilli , in our online store #TuSaludIntima you will find the Zenbiotic nutritional supplement, the new product from Zenzsual, with a formula designed to enhance vaginal health as well as digestive and immune well-being for the whole body. body, because it contains 25 billion CFUs of probiotics, which are good bacteria that coexist in the human body, favoring proper functioning and promoting natural environments that stimulate defense systems against germs that can cause disease.

This nutritional supplement is specially made with Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli specific to the vagina, to reduce the frequency of the most common female problems such as: vaginal pH imbalance and the presence of yeasts or fungi (Candidiasis) .

2. Unprotected sex unbalances the vaginal microbiome

When women have sexual intercourse, over time the lactobacilli disappear and other types of harmful bacteria settle in the vagina. So they are more likely to have more of the "bad" bacteria like gardnerella vaginalis and fewer of the "good" ones like lactobacilli. Also, keep in mind that sexually transmitted diseases also unbalance the vaginal flora.

3. The role of men in the prevention of vaginal infections

Bacteria on the male genitalia tend to accumulate in the fold of the foreskin, the extension of the layer of skin that surrounds the penis and covers the glans. Men who are not circumcised should clean this area of ​​the foreskin regularly to reduce the risk of infection in their partners. Consequently, gentlemen can also help their ladies to prevent infections.

4. Vaginosis is often silent

Bacterial vaginosis is one of the most common vaginal infections among sexually active women, yet in many cases women have no symptoms. The cause is directly associated with an imbalance between "good" and "bad" bacteria, almost always caused by Gardnerella vaginalis , although there are others. Among women who do have symptoms, the most common is an abnormal discharge from the vagina with a strong, unpleasant, fishy odor.

5. Antibiotics, menstruation and "excessive hygiene" can also throw off the balance of the vaginal microbiome

The vagina self-regulates or cleans itself, so it is not necessary for women to "intervene" in this hygiene process. Reason why it is recommended to bear in mind that:

  • You should not wash the inside of the vagina with soaps or apply vaginal douches.
  • The effect of antibiotics like that of soaps can unbalance that vaginal ecosystem.
  • During the menstrual cycle, hormonal changes cause the level of acidity in the vaginal flora to fluctuate naturally.
  • In the days before and during menstruation, acidity is lower, making it easier for organisms that are in the ecosystem of the vagina to proliferate, such as fungi or bacteria, which normally keep lactobacilli at bay.

Now you can understand better why we always insist that you avoid resorting to introducing home remedies, ovules or douches into your vagina, without the proper indication or medical consultation. That key to avoid infections and other diseases in your intimate area.

At TuSaludIntima we have worked hard to protect your genitals and your feminine health, which is why we recommend:

  1. Take Zenbiotic daily to protect your vaginal health from the inside out.
  2. Keep the pH of your genitals in balance by using the Zenzsual intimate gel daily. With this product, unique in the market for its high content of hyaluronic acid, which hydrates and regenerates the tissues of the vagina.
  3. Use the Zenzsual cleansing foam for daily cleaning , a product specially created for the vagina, which contains organic cranberry extract that prevents urinary infections and the lactic acid that we are talking about in this article.

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