5 THINGS to avoid so that vaginal infections do not ruin your Valentine's Day.

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It is time to prepare your mind, body and soul because the most romantic day of the year is about to arrive. Yes, Valentine's day! That's why at Zenzsual we remind you how important it is to keep your intimate area protected and without alterations, taking care of your hygiene, and keeping your medical control up to date. Here we will tell you what to do to take care of your "V" zone from vaginal infections so that you can enjoy this special day.

The first thing to keep in mind is that vaginal infections are a common problem that affects many women at some point in their lives. They can be caused by a variety of factors, including hormonal changes, lifestyle, intimate cleansing products, and in some cases, sexual intercourse. Vaginal infections are characterized by symptoms such as itching, burning, redness in the intimate area, pain during sexual intercourse, and/or changes in vaginal discharge.

Is it normal to have discharge or a discharge in my pantyhose?

If it is normal to have discharge, it is the natural way that the vagina cleans itself. Vaginal discharge is a combination of fluid and cells that are continuously released through the vagina, when your discharge is normal it helps keep vaginal tissues healthy, providing lubrication and protecting against infection. The amount, color, and consistency of normal vaginal discharge vary from woman to woman, just as the way we sweat varies. It can also vary at different stages of your menstrual cycle, at different stages of your life, such as after having babies, if you are on a hormone planning method or intrauterine device, or if you are in the perimenopause or menopause stage. .

In a woman who is at the stage where she can have babies, without using hormonal contraception, just before and around ovulation (mid-cycle), it resembles a stretchy, moist, transparent egg white. Shortly after ovulation, the discharge becomes dry and somewhat sticky again. When it dries on your underwear, the flow may be white or slightly yellowish and thick, that is normal.

When is it NOT normal and should I go to the doctor?

You have to be very CAREFUL, if your flow changes from the normal pattern that you have been observing, that is, if it increases in quantity, changes color, has a different smell, or is associated with other discomforts. Here we describe what is definitely an abnormal flow that should be checked and treated by a doctor:

  • Color discharge: if your discharge is greenish, thick white (milk curd), frothy yellow, red, wine-colored, or similar to coffee grounds.
  • Unpleasant smell: if your flow has a smell of fish or decomposed meat, the smell of yeast or beer.
  • Associated symptoms: if you feel itching, burning and inflammation in the area.

Can I have sexual intercourse if I have an infection or am undergoing medical treatment for that infection?

It is important that you take into account that having sexual intercourse when you have a vaginal infection or inflammation can be uncomfortable, and at the same time delicate, since all the symptoms you are presenting can worsen; for this reason it is recommended that you abstain, since the walls of the vagina can be hurt more easily, the vagina can be cracked and the infection can be complicated, apart from the fact that you can infect your partner. For this reason, we advise you to comply with the medical treatment to the letter, avoiding having sexual intercourse during it, so that you will be more effective and can continue to enjoy the fabulousness of having sexual intercourse. Ideally, when you go to the doctor you do it with your partner and ask if it is necessary to give treatment, sometimes it is necessary.

What should you do to avoid vaginal infections?

  • You must have good intimate hygiene, even before and after a sexual relationship.
  • Only wash your vulva externally, never your vagina, which is the internal channel.
  • Wash your intimate area once or maximum twice a day.
  • Use products that do NOT have detergent, because it cuts oil from the skin, without perfume, with a balanced pH for the intimate area and with other components that add benefits to your skin such as: hyaluronic acid, which hydrates, bisabolol (derived from chamomile), which reduces inflammation and cranberry, which eliminates some bad bacteria from the back area 🍑 😉.
  • Moisturize with a good water-based gel, without perfume, without glycerin and without parabens, with a balanced pH and hyaluronic acid, this will form an incredible protective barrier in your area.

    At ZENZSUAL, you will find these perfect products for you, such as the CLEANSING FOAM that you should use to clean your external zone, and the MOISTURIZING GEL with hyaluronic acid, which you can use inside and outside of your V-zone, both giving you a clean and adequate hydration, and thus the peace of mind you deserve, AH! and best of all, it does not alter your pH.

    Now you will ask yourself, why do these annoying infections happen to us?

    Most vaginal infections that are NOT caused by sexual transmission are related to the vaginal flora or microbiota . Do you know what the microbiota is? it is a set of good bacteria that live in harmony with you and also give you many benefits. They exist in different parts of your body like the mouth, the intestines, the vagina. In the vagina, this very particular group of good bacteria, which we like to call the policemen of the vagina , are in charge of producing substances such as lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide that help you have a protective environment that is not suitable for viruses, bacteria bad, and mushrooms. When these bacteria are in balance and are in greater numbers than the bad bacteria, you have less chance of getting vaginal infections.

    What can I do to keep my bacterial flora always strong?

    If you follow all the measures that we explained to you a few paragraphs ago, and also eat a healthy diet, eliminating sugar, gluten and dairy products, you can keep your vaginal environment in optimal conditions. Now we know that there are moments in a woman's life when that environment can change, such as after menstruation, during the use of contraceptives, when you take antibiotics, during menopause, and even, believe it or not, after sexual relations. In all these cases and as a natural way to maintain your balance on a day-to-day basis, you can strengthen your vaginal and intestinal microbiota with a probiotic supplement. At Zenzsual we offer you the best probiotic, Zenbiotic , which contains the most common lactobacilli (good bacteria) in the vaginas of most healthy women. This fabulous probiotic isn't just any probiotic, because it's carefully designed to keep those tiny allies alive, so that when you take it you're actually getting enough of the good bacteria to repopulate your vagina and gut. We invite you to try it and tell us, because many women are already taking it and love it, and they tell us about it daily on the networks.

    What can alter your vaginal microbiota and facilitate the appearance of vaginal infections?

    • Poor hygiene or the use of aggressive products or vaginal showers.
    • Menopause, since a series of hormonal changes take place that cause a decrease in vaginal secretion.
    • diabetes.
    • Overtreatment with antibiotics.
    • A poor diet with excess sugar, simple carbohydrates and gluten.

    Dear friend, there is little time left for that long-awaited Valentine's date, but enough to start changing everything you were doing wrong in relation to the care of Your Intimate Health, so we have decided to list here the 5 things you should avoid to don't put your vagina at risk

    1. Avoid underwear with a synthetic texture, cotton favors perspiration in your intimate area.
    2. DO NOT use sponges to wash your "V" area, as these accumulate germs and rubbing wears away the protective layer of skin on the vulva.
    3. FORGET about douching, this practice produces an imbalance in the microbiota inside your vagina. Do not use intimate deodorants either, since they will only irritate you and will cause discomfort in your area.
    4. DO NOT clean your intimate area from back to front, since you drag bacteria or other microorganisms from the anal area to the vulvar. In the same way, avoid strings or thongs on a daily basis, save them for special occasions, since they can carry bacteria from the anus to the vagina.
    5. Don't leave clean, damp underwear hanging in the bathroom, as it can make it easier to get yeast infections.

    It is not only important that you avoid what we have just mentioned, but that you constantly take care of your intimate health, so we make a final recommendation.

    Use special and appropriate products, such as our CLEANSING FOAM and MOISTURIZING GEL from Zenzsual, the latter with hyaluronic acid, which are created to cleanse, hydrate and rejuvenate your pampered area, and if you add our ZENBIOTIC to your daily routine , which It is a probiotic that will keep your vaginal area with good bacteria that will help you prevent vaginal infections. You will have the perfect TRIO for your peace of mind and the intimate enjoyment you deserve.

    Take advantage of our fabulous 25% discount offer with a fabulous gift of 2 additional travel-size products, our moisturizing gel and foam ( Travel KIT ), so that even if you go outside your home you are protected. Ahh and of course, shipping is on us 😉😊.

    So get ready for a Valentine's Day out of the ordinary, take the necessary precautions to avoid vaginal infections and enjoy. Remember that being spontaneous and considering your partner during intimate moments makes the flame of love fan and last beyond this special day...

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