I'm going to be a dad! Welcome to the hormonal disorder of parenthood

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I'm going to be a dad! Welcome to the hormonal disorder of parenthood We can say that we know a lot about the hormonal changes that affect a woman during pregnancy, but how much do we know about what the expectant father experiences? Being a dad also changes hormones, yes! If you thought that this had nothing to do with you, that it was a task exclusively for her, let me tell you that the two of you are already involved in this crazy cow full of physical and emotional changes that you can discover in what we will call a mini paternity manual for dummies. .

Does being a dad also change hormones? Yes, fathers, just like mothers-to-be, experience a rush of emotions and feelings during pregnancy. However, little is said about it because these emotions have always been overshadowed or have gone to the background when the interest and all the prominence is focused on the mother, that woman who bears the emotional weight, but especially physical, in the great process of building a new family; For this reason, the father's role has been to accompany and attend to all their needs.

Currently, the possibility of being more open and knowing both positions has led us to understand that pregnancy also represents an emotional overload for the father, and the news about the pregnancy can make him go back and forth between emotions such as happiness and satisfaction, but also confusion and overwhelm; You may even think you're not ready for parenthood, but you certainly are, and experiencing those emotions is completely normal, you don't bring a baby into the world every day!

What happens to your body then? What happens in your body has a reason for being and the answer is in your hormones, mainly in these two:


  • Oxytocin or "love hormone" is famous because it is related at this stage of parenthood with what has to do with changes in priorities and has become a fundamental component in strengthening social ties, especially in children. bonds between parents and children.
  • Testosterone is another of the star hormones in paternity and is associated with male sexual impulses. When a man goes from being single and childless to expecting his first baby, his testosterone drops by a third during his partner's pregnancy stage; according to studies to increase the chances of playing a better role as parents.

What are the changes I can experience as a parent?

  • The paternal instinct will appear. During the pregnancy and as that new baby develops, a new father also does so by becoming aware of the existence of that being that is on the way and that depends on him. Starting to see it in the ultrasound and feeling its movement in the mother's womb will create that paternal instinct through feelings such as tenderness and concern.

I'm going to be a dad! Welcome to the hormonal disorder of parenthood

  • Protection instinct in alert mode. This is very common when the baby is about to be born, the paternal instinct is intensified and you feel the need to protect your baby and its mother in case of any problem that arises. It is important to take it easy because it can be a reason for anxiety for the father.

I'm going to be a dad! Welcome to the hormonal disorder of parenthood

  • Testosterone levels drop. The main reason this happens is that just as women at this stage experience revolutions in their hormones and their bodies begin to change, the same thing happens with dads, their hormones also begin to experience a momentous change, this is a positive transition. for the upbringing of the new baby since the hormonal drop favors less aggressive behavior in men and greater empathy. Likewise, this new situation of emotional stress with the arrival of the baby that implies few hours of sleep and accumulated fatigue affects these testosterone levels with the loss of libido or a certain degree of sexual dysfunction.

I'm going to be a dad! Welcome to the hormonal disorder of parenthood

Although this is a natural process, parenthood does not have to be synonymous with physical, mental or sexual discomfort; For this, we recommend LibiZenzs MEN Energizer , a perfect combination of natural herbs, amino acids and zinc that will improve power, energy, strength and vitality, in addition to improving circulation in the male intimate area as it is an internal regulator of testosterone production. . Learn more about this incredible product and buy it with 40% OFF , here , using the code PATERNIDAD40 .

I'm going to be a dad! Welcome to the hormonal disorder of parenthood

  • Couvade syndrome. It is also known as "male empathic pregnancy" and is a psychological disorder that, although it does not occur in all cases, causes the man to experience symptoms similar to those of his pregnant partner due to the high level of empathy he has with her during this stage. . Incredible true?

I'm going to be a dad! Welcome to the hormonal disorder of parenthood

Symptoms can be:

  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Mood swings and irritability.
  • Cravings or revulsion.
  • abdominal pains.
  • Sudden weight changes.

We fall short when we talk about parenting because it's not until you start experiencing these moments, that you start living what it really means, with its joys and heartaches. So take advantage of each one of them to get to know yourself and enjoy them with your partner because being a father will undoubtedly change your life.

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