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Hyaluronic acid doesn't just diminish your wrinkles. It is a true ally when it comes to keeping the skin of your vagina healthy, combating uncomfortable dryness and giving it a natural, firm and regenerated appearance.

If you don't know him or you only heard about him in aesthetic rooms, we have good news for you. Hyaluronic acid is a component that your body produces naturally, which has excellent hydration properties that benefit our skin, for the many reasons that we will address in this article.

You weren't wrong! Its properties are very well used in the field of aesthetics and medicine. However, few women know the benefits of this acid for their intimate area and their sexual well-being, especially in cases of vaginal dryness.

In our body, hyaluronic acid is found in greater proportion in cartilage , joints, vitreous humor and skin. One of the main properties of hyaluronic acid is its great capacity to attract and retain water. For this reason, its use at the vaginal level and external genitalia allows the area to be rehydrated in depth, avoiding dryness and its annoying symptoms.

Just like how we take care of our skin, vaginal hydration should be considered a daily female health task, due to all the advantages that its continuous use entails, among which are:


After hydrating the epidermis, it continues to control ambient humidity to provide long-lasting hydration benefits. It is capable of maintaining up to 1000 times its molecular weight in water, penetrating the skin and uniting its cells with water, moisturizing and rejuvenating all its layers.


By locking in or retaining moisture, hyaluronic acid strengthens the skin's natural barriers and its ability to defend itself against environmental factors and pollutants; achieving a more dramatic moisturizing effect and increasing your resilience levels; making it smoother and firmer.


As the skin of the vulva and vaginal mucosa is hydrated by the effects of hyaluronic acid, it also helps to firm the contours of your skin for a smoother, more youthful appearance.

In the same way that it smoothes the skin, it also smoothes the skin's texture for a silky smooth finish that you can see and feel.

Provides elasticity

Hyaluronic acid reduces the size and visibility of fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating skin cells that produce collagen and elastin, two fibers that contribute to skin elasticity.

Stimulates skin cell regeneration

In addition to stimulating the skin's production of collagen cells, hyaluronic acid promotes skin cell regeneration to create healthy, vibrant skin.

Take care of pigmentation

Hyaluronic acid's abilities to reduce and prevent skin blemishes and pigmentation problems are known. What benefits women who tend to produce dark spots in the bikini area, as a result of mistreatment of waxing and shaving, among other causes.

Provides clarity

By promoting proper moisture balance in the skin, hyaluronic acid prevents the pore-clogging overproduction of oil that leads to rashes in or around the bikini area; keeping your skin clear and luminous.

Learn about the multiple uses of Hyaluronic Acid in the vaginal area:

In the face of vaginal dryness: there are many situations that cause the vagina and vulva to dry out, such as: breastfeeding, contraceptives, some intrauterine devices, some medications (such as antidepressants, anticancer drugs and those used in cases of endometriosis). . For different reasons, these situations cause vaginal dryness, which is why women begin to feel unpleasant symptoms such as pain, irritation and other discomfort during sexual intercourse. Thanks to hyaluronic acid, the molecules of the mucosa of the vagina are hydrated (internal tissue), by capturing a greater percentage of water, making the sensation of this area improve and, of course, the pain and burning sensation disappear. Its benefits are noticeable with prolonged use over time.

In cases of vulvar lichen scleroatrophic: it is a rare disorder that causes white patches on the skin and makes it look thinner than normal. In addition, the woman presents discomfort very similar to those described above: itching, burning and pain in the skin of the external part of the genitals or vulva. It usually affects the area of ​​the genitals and the anus. Anyone can get lichen sclerosus, but postmenopausal women are at higher risk. There are more and more studies demonstrating the improvement of the symptoms or discomfort of this disease from treatment with hyaluronic acid, due to its ability to preserve the natural elasticity of the skin and vaginal mucosa, keeping it firm and hydrated.

Collaborates with female genital rejuvenation: over the years, in addition to becoming dehydrated, the vulva (external zone) and vagina (internal zone) lose volume in the labia majora and acquire a more aged and wrinkled appearance (just like the skin of the rest of our body). Hyaluronic acid provides a little volume, improves its appearance and reduces the discomfort that can be caused by rubbing against clothing when it is highly exposed. In the same way it happens when there is irregularity in the size of the labia majora or minora, because not all of us are born symmetrical or after performing a labiaplasty, vaginal cosmetic surgery that consists of reducing the labia minora (more frequent) or the labia majora. .

In case of presenting Genito-Urinary Menopause Syndrome: this is a condition very similar to the first case that we mentioned in the article, that is, the skin and mucosa of the genitals thins and dries up, this time due to a natural cause of the drop in our hormones Treatment with specific hyaluronic acid for the genital area is indicated for all women who want to prevent and even more, for those women who, upon reaching menopause, manifest vaginal dryness, itching, irritation and pain that prevents them from having sexual relations. satisfactory. Since all these symptoms affect our quality of life.

How to start enjoying the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid in your intimate area?

You can start by moisturizing your intimate area daily , using the ZENZSUAL intimate feminine moisturizing gel with hyaluronic acid, which contains a high percentage of this fabulous compound that greatly contributes to recovering and maintaining the aforementioned hydration in your vulva and vagina.

Its exclusive combination of ingredients restores the vaginal pH to its natural value, reducing the risk of infections. Due to its high content of hyaluronic acid, it nourishes, hydrates and regenerates the skin of the external genitalia. It recomposes the vaginal mucosa deeply, being absorbed without leaving any type of residue on the skin, relieving the sensation of irritation, itching or burning of the genitals.

If you want to start testing the benefits of hyaluronic acid in your genital area, you can visit our website: , to purchase YOUR ZENZSUAL INTIMATE MOISTURIZING GEL .

You can also request a Sexcoaching appointment to receive advice on its uses and learn about the other products in the Zenzsual line, aimed at benefiting your feminine health and your quality of sexual life.


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