Time as a couple to get along better!

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couple time

It's summer and you don't need to invest large sums to connect more with your partner, it's about dedicating time to the relationship to better understand each other, explore your sexuality and strengthen ties, finding new reasons to be together.

Here we leave you some ideas that can serve you in summer and all year round if you put a little imagination into it:

  • A long walk together: many times we do not have time to talk without the presence of third parties, children, family or friends. As responsibilities grow, it is important to plan and pay attention to the dedication that both of you deserve.
  • Go on an adventure : a tour of the city, a wine tasting, an extreme sport, daring to do a new experience that will raise your adrenaline, if it is with a partner it will be better.
  • Visit a spa for couples: if, on the contrary, what you want is a bit of silence and rest, the spa is a good option. A couples massage, a hot bath, the aroma of the essential oils of your choice, can give way to desire, and definitely, there will be plenty of free time to talk about those topics that they can never touch at home or to practice getting to know their bodies. without the rush of day to day.
  • Relax in a hammock for two : if the beach is not your thing, a trip to the mountains might be a good idea. But look for a hammock hotel to swing together and make love in a different place and on the move.
  • Watch the sunset : just sit alone for half an hour at the end of the day with a glass of wine, a pina colada, a beer or a simple cold tea in hand to watch the sun go down and enjoy the company of your partner.
  • Have dinner by candlelight: order your favorite food and prepare the table in a special way, which causes you to stay at the table, talking and enjoying each other.
  • A weekend away from home: a surprise escape can be a good idea if you just want to distract yourself. It has been proven that a new and relaxed environment during the holidays can increase the desire and the desire to experiment as a couple without taboos.

  • Watch a series together: choose the topic well. No sad or very stressful series. Pick a series that you are passionate about, that ignites desire, or that makes you think positively about love and relationships.

  • Give her a relaxing massage – This is certainly a great option for stress relief and quiet connection. Also, that a suggestive massage can become an erotic gift for whoever receives it. If the occasion goes to the next level, give him your Zenzsual intimate gel so that the massage continues on your genitals. Or teach him to use the TriOrgasmic as an option to give yourself pleasure.
  • Prepare some summer cocktails: take a cocktail course together or search the internet for the recipe for your favorite drinks and cocktails to try at home in a fun and relaxed way.
  • Cultural agenda in your city: visit a museum, see an art exhibition, go to a concert, have a laugh while enjoying a stand-up or attend any show that makes you have a good time together as a good team.
If you consider that your relationship as a couple is going through a difficult time and you see none of these options as viable to ease tensions and reconnect, we recommend you request an online #SexCoaching session to receive professional advice and direct your relationship as a couple.

Or if, on the contrary, you have excellent ideas to share with us to spend the best summer of life as a couple, leave your comments on our social networks where you can share our healthy tips with your friends, ask us your questions and comments.

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