Just the tip? Contraceptive methods to avoid

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"Calm down, don't worry, it was just the tip." There is not only the tip, this technique is NOT a contraceptive method and you can get pregnant.

"No more tip" or "just the little head" is a "contraceptive method", yes, in quotes, of Hispanic American origin in which a woman's vagina is penetrated with the upper 50% of the penis in order to produce pleasure during sexual intercourse and at the same time avoid an unwanted pregnancy. Due to cultural issues, this system has been mainly accepted by the Latin American population, especially among the youngest who also believe that if the woman is on top during intercourse, there will be no fertilization either.

Let's start with the basics, they say that for there to be a risk of pregnancy, all you need is:

  • Penis penetration into the vagina.
  • Intravaginal ejaculation.
  • Do not use any method of family planning or condom.
  • May the woman be in her fertile days.

However, this is just a belief, because if a man plays with his penis at the entrance of your vagina and ejaculates, it may happen that a spermatozoon is so skilled at reaching the ovum, and only the tip will get you pregnant. Also, let's remember that no method of birth control, other than abstinence, is 100% safe.

So pay attention to these common mistakes that you should avoid, not only to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, but also to minimize the risk of contracting an STD.

  1. Trust in the famous method of "the little tip no more". We are clear that this is not and will not be a contraceptive method, as they say out there, this is the third most ridiculous invention in the world after tire redrawing and snail slime cream.

    Products for your intimate health

  2. Believing that the condom is infallible. The condom, in addition to avoiding an unwanted pregnancy, acts as a barrier against STDs but it can roll up, unroll, break or be misused, therefore, although its effectiveness is 99%, you must make sure that it has not expired, regardless of the size correct and to place it well.

    Products for your intimate health

  3. Not visiting your gynecologist regularly. If you like sex, you have to like visiting it because it is essential to take care of your sexual and reproductive health. Attend your check-ups at least once a year when you start having sexual relations; and even when you do not have an active sexual life, since during your visit you can evaluate other diseases that are not sexually transmitted such as breast cancer or cervical cancer and for this reason you should also evaluate yourself.

    Products for your intimate health

  4. Autocalculate the days of ovulation . Withdrawal, the rhythm method, body and basal temperature, cervical mucus, and breastfeeding are unreliable methods with a high failure rate; and although there are many applications that help you to know the days of each month in which your ovulation takes place, known as the “fertile window”, it is better not to trust it. It's useful to know if you're trying to get pregnant, not if you want to avoid condom use or other contraceptive measures. Learn how each one works before believing that they really are your ideal contraceptive method:
    • Intercourse interrupted : this method consists of removing the penis from the vagina and ejaculating outside of it to avoid pregnancy by preventing the sperm from remaining inside.
    • Rhythm Method: This is a fertility observation method and helps predict your fertile days by tracking the length of your menstrual cycles over several months.
    • Basal body temperature: This is another fertility monitoring method that helps you predict when you will ovulate by tracking changes in your body temperature during your menstrual cycle. It consists of taking your temperature every day in the same way, it is always lower in the first part of the cycle and increases when you start to ovulate.
    • Cervical mucus: this is another predictive method in which your cervical mucus or vaginal discharge is monitored, it changes color, texture and quantity during your cycle, especially when you are close to ovulation; These changes help you recognize when you are in that period, which is when you are fertile and can get pregnant.
    • Breastfeeding: When you breastfeed, your body stops ovulating naturally and therefore, if you don't ovulate, you don't have your menstrual period and you can't get pregnant.

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5. Believing that the easy way out is to take emergency contraception. Many women think that the best solution in the face of carelessness or the unexpected is the morning-after pill, and it may be so, however, it should be the last resort and only in an emergency, not only because it can be harmful to health, but also because it should also not be used as a contraceptive method for regular use. In which cases should you use it? When during sexual intercourse the barrier method or condom that you are using breaks; when your partner takes it away without your consent, remember that this is also penalized by law in many countries; or if you are a victim of rape

Products for your intimate health

What is our recommendation? Our mission will always be to promote a preventive culture in aspects related to sexual and reproductive health, so start with a family planning method; That is why it is so important that you have the support of your gynecological doctor, since after an evaluation and advice he can define the ideal method for you. Also remember to continue using condoms correctly in all your sexual relations in addition to the contraceptive method you choose in order to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

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