Sexuality after living a heart attack

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Sexuality after living a heart attack

Will my heart withstand the pressure, fatigue, and turmoil of a sexual encounter?

That is the question of thousands of people who survive a heart attack or other cardiovascular conditions. A situation that opens the invitation to redefine pleasure and put more creativity and brains into our intimacy. Read on to evaluate the alternatives!

If you have heart failure, even minimal physical activity can probably leave you feeling fatigued or out of breath . Sex represents a moderate exercise that can sow doubt in people with heart failure or who have recently had surgery, a procedure and already feel the consequences on their sexual performance and libido.

So much so, that more than half of people with heart failure say they have far less or no sex, due to the health of their heart. And more than 3 in 10 people report having problems with their sexual performance. Also, add to this that heart failure medications can decrease sexual desire or cause unpleasant sexual side effects.

However, you should know that cardiovascular events , such asheart attack or chest pain caused by heart disease, rarely occur during sexual activity, since sexual activity only lasts for a short period of time.

How can you resume your sex life if you suffered heart disease?

Ask your doctor. The first thing that patients should do before delaying sexual activity is to ask their doctor for an evaluation where they can confirm that they are already in a stable condition.

Stabilize your health! If you have unstable cardiovascular disease or if symptoms are still severe, you should adhere to treatment and wait until your doctor says your heart condition is stable before having sex again.

You are considered to be at high risk for complications during sexual activity if you have class IV heart failure or if you have had heart surgery in the last two weeks.

Don't stop taking your medications. Your heart health comes first. Follow the medical instructions to the letter and do not stop taking any of the medicines for fear of sexual side effects. Only with strict compliance can you improve cardiovascular symptoms, and in the short term, resume your sexual activity.

Do not self-medicate with home remedies and recommendations from third parties. And while you do not complete the treatment, do not try medicinal plants or nutritional supplements to increase your sexual desire, until your doctor authorizes it.

Cardiac rehab: If you've had heart failure or a heart attack , cardiac rehab and regular exercise can help reduce the risk of complications related to sexual activity. It is about carrying out a supervised program that includes counseling, education and physical activity, to improve heart health and build resistance after a cardiac event.

Contraception : If you're a woman thinking about starting birth control or getting pregnant, talk to your gynecologist and the specialist treating your heart condition first.

If you are a postmenopausal woman with cardiovascular disease, you may consider using topical or vaginal estrogens to prevent painful intercourse. As well as the use of water-based gels, such as the Zenzsual intimate gel to combat vaginal dryness and daily discomforts, such as itching, fissures and discomfort caused by rubbing underwear.

If after recovery you are still experiencing sexual dysfunction, consult your doctor immediately to determine if it could be related to cardiovascular disease or anxiety, depression or other factors.

Erectile dysfunction. Medications to treat erectile dysfunction are usually safe, although you should not take them if you are receiving nitrate treatment for chest pain due to coronary artery disease. They should also not be given 24 to 48 hours after taking erectile dysfunction medications (depending on the medication used).

Advisory. The American Heart Association and the European Society of Cardiology recommend that all people with the disease be screened for sexual problems and receive partnered sexual counseling as part of their rehabilitation to help answer questions, build intimacy and provide helpful tips on how to safely resume intercourse. At you will find SexCoaching sessions to talk with professionals.

How can you maintain your privacy if you have heart failure?

Some patients will postpone sexual activity because they are embarrassed to talk to the doctor , when in fact they are at a relatively safe stage to resume their intimate life. That is why it is essential to consult the doctor, who will guide you according to the reality of your health.

Stimulate your erotic creativity ! There is no problem with kissing and touching. Ask your doctor if in your current state you can experience low-intensity sexuality, thanks to masturbation, exploration as a couple with erotic massages and oral stimulation, they can be an invaluable alternative if your desire has not been affected and you want to stay active. .

Staying sexually active is key to maintaining a healthy quality of life and keeping in touch with your partner. All part of restoring the health of your heart to return to full sexuality.


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