Spring rituals to reactivate sexuality

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Zenzsual - Spring rituals to reactivate sexuality

Does the cold of winter decrease your sexual desire? Goodbye to the boring routine of gray days and hello to the heat and good sex. Spring is here!

If during the winter your routine as a couple was the same: going to bed early, a good night kiss and in less than expected he was already snoring while you fell into a deep sleep; this is for you because spring is here!

No more countless layers of clothing and muted tones resulting from that season of the year, it's time for you to feel beautiful and sexy again, and therefore, your libido and that of your partner increases. Follow these spring rituals to reactivate sexuality:

  1. Let spring enter your home and especially your room. Decorate it with flowers , the aromas stimulate sexual desire and you can verify it yourself, it is enough to feel the perfume of that special person for you to increase your desire to be with him, it is a seductive smell, right? The same goes for flowers like: roses, lavender, vanilla, jasmine, and cinnamon.
  2. New station, new toy . Take advantage of this change of season to visit a Sex Shop, alone, with your friends or with your partner and renew your sexual life in a fun way, including new seduction strategies in bed. Remember to keep your intimate area hydrated to take advantage of all the benefits of these products, feel the difference using our Moisturizing Gel daily as it contains hyaluronic acid, regenerates, rejuvenates and rehydrates your vagina; and even more important in this season, avoid pain during sexual intercourse.

  3. How about a getaway? If winter has made you stay at home all the time, it's time to go out, change the environment and have fun. Nothing better than a weekend where you can pamper yourself to the fullest and rediscover yourself as a couple. And if you are one of those women who loves to travel and keep moving, don't forget to carry in your bag during this experience our Intimate Cleansing Foam with hyaluronic acid and organic cranberry extract , which if you didn't know now also comes in format Travel Size (traveler) of (30 ml) that ensures a delicate cleaning without detergents, it also hydrates, removes stains, reduces inflammation, regenerates and rejuvenates your vulva, keeping it free of bad odors and protecting you from infections. And that now you can also take it on a trip in your carry-on suitcase or even in your purse so that you always feel clean and protected, even in your most intimate areas.

  4. Cocktails night! Stimulating sexual desire implies creativity, so get into the kitchen, let your imagination flow and encourage yourself to create, accompany your dinner with soft but delicious drinks that encourage passion. If a romantic dinner and a good drink (without overindulging) are not enough, increase your desire, your sense of well-being and that of your partner with LibiZenzs Women Energizing and LibiZenzs MEN Energizing , in addition to contributing to a better performance at an intimate level.

  5. Change the sheets on your bed. Admit it, there is nothing like making love on a hotel bed, it is very exciting and restful. If you agree, it's time for yours to meet those standards, change the type and color of the sheets you normally use and ensure the comfort of you and your partner. According to feng shui , this ritual will make energy and passion flow. Another piece of advice, try the color red, it has been proven that it has the power to make sexual energy flow and the intensity with which you enjoy your intimate life.

Spring will always be welcome and it is definitely time to make the most of the increase in temperature to ensure a season of great sex.

If these rituals were of interest to you and you want to put them into practice, do not forget to include the products that we recommend here to enjoy it to the fullest, take advantage and purchase the 3 that we mentioned in our Zenzsual Woman Kit that includes Feminine Moisturizing Gel + Feminine Cleansing Foam + LibiZenzs Women Energizer with a special discount of 25% and free shipping* . Buy it now and enjoy all its benefits! Click here and add our ZENZSUAL WOMEN'S KIT to your cart TODAY.

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Do you think you can present more problems with your partner?

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