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alone at christmas

If you are one of the people who feel lonely during those Christmas days or simply do not have time to travel and celebrate as a couple or as a family, here we will talk about VagiYoga and the benefits of female masturbation as a good and well-deserved self- seasonal gift.

We are clear in affirming that sex toys do not replace the partner, but this Christmas they can rather complement or take on a different function during masturbation to continue enjoying your sexuality.

Female masturbation is a completely normal activity that has multiple benefits, because it helps us feel confident with ourselves, enjoy sex more, and frees us from stress.

Benefits of female masturbation

Do you still have doubts about female masturbation? Leave limiting beliefs behind and take note of its advantages:

  1. Reduces menstrual pain , because it has a calming effect.

  2. It helps you sleep better , because it has the power to release emotional and physical tension and leave us super relaxed.

  3. Stress away! Self-examination helps us release some hormones such as dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins, the so-called happiness hormones, so it is normal to feel that feeling of well-being.

  4. Facilitates orgasms: if you have difficulties reaching orgasm as a couple, with masturbation we can prepare our bodies to feel that pleasure and at the same time stimulate our partners by watching us do it.

  5. Prevents infections: masturbation helps to clean the cervix because when it opens, accumulated bacteria are released and, therefore, prevents us from urinary tract infections, such as cystitis.

  6. Strengthens the muscles of the pelvic area: they are essential to enjoy relationships more, but also to avoid urinary incontinence and facilitate childbirth. There are many exercises to work this area, such as hypopressive abdominals, Pilates and Kegel exercises, but this is surely the most pleasant.

  7. And to perform Kegel exercises and continue to strengthen those muscles, we recommend using Zenzsual's VagiYoga vaginal trainer , specially created for this purpose, and when used in relaxation mode, it can also help you masturbate, because it vibrates!

  8. Builds confidence: Female masturbation is a way of feeling like owners of our body. Confidence is key to empowering ourselves and daring to give directions to our partner and enjoy healthy sexuality by stimulating ourselves.

  9. It helps us to know your body better : it's a moment intimate that helps us explore what we like and what we don't, increase our libido and treat vaginismus. You can do it alone or in pairs. We always recommend using support supplements such as water-based gels (like Zenzsual's intimate gel) and sex toys (like Triorgamisc).

VagiYoga and Zenzsual Intimate Gel: your best allies in female self-exploration

Our Zenzsual® VagiYoga® vaginal rehabilitator has been designed to exercise and recover the pelvic floor muscles. But it can also help you with female masturbation, combined with our water-based Zenzsual Gel and hyaluronic acid, in order to make it very skin-friendly.

VagiYoga works on the care and toning of your beloved vagina , performing exercises and training that can be monitored from your mobile phone. Based on anthropometric studies and perimeter pressure technology. It has a free App for both iOS and Android.

The VagiYoga:

  • It has an intelligent perimeter pressure sensor
  • An independent high-performance engine
  • Focused Vibration Points
  • Wide adjustable vibration spectrums
  • Frequency conversion vibration (this vibration helps to get pleasure)
  • It is 100% waterproof
  • in antibacterial material
  • With Control via mobile App (Android and iOS)
  • Personalized evaluation and statistics
  • rechargeable lithium battery
  • 4 hours of battery life
  • No manufacturing seams or welds
  • Easy cleaning and long durability
  • ultra quiet
  • 100% comfortable touch and design
  • Various modalities of pelvic and vaginal training

Consider it seriously! Incorporating masturbation and the use of sex toys as part of your daily life can help you have a healthier and more enjoyable sex life. Whether or not you have a partner at this time. So the best thing is to try with the tools you have and get the healthy benefits for your intimate and emotional health.

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