It's not just aesthetic! Obesity blocks your libido and your sexuality

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obesity and sexuality

Beyond wanting a statuesque figure, you must keep your weight in balance to keep your desire alive, avoid hormonal imbalances and not put your heart and health at risk. Find out here how to protect that natural desire for intimacy!

What is overweight and obesity?

Overweight and obesity are defined as an abnormal or excessive accumulation of fat that can be detrimental to health. In the case of adults, the World Health Organization (WHO) defines overweight and obesity based on the Body Mass Index (BMI):

  • Overweight: You are considered overweight when your BMI is equal to or greater than 25.
  • Obesity: Obesity is considered when your BMI is equal to or greater than 30.

So if you have a BMI greater than 25, you have to take actions to regain balance in your weight, according to the recommendation and evaluation that your specialist doctor or nutritionist can make you.

At #TuSaludIntima we are concerned about the effects that overweight and obesity can have on your female health, considering that since 1975 obesity has almost tripled worldwide and that the majority of the world population lives in countries where overweight and obesity are claiming more and more lives.

How does obesity interfere with your health?

There are many negative impacts that overweight and obesity have on health. By gaining excessive weight you expose yourself to contracting non-communicable diseases, such as:

  • Cardiovascular diseases : (mainly heart disease and stroke), which were the leading cause of death in 2012.

  • Arterial hypertension : it is associated with sexual dysfunction, both due to the disease itself and to some medications that are used, especially antihypertensives.

  • Cardiovascular problems: let's remember that arousal requires that the blood vessels dilate and that the glands secrete a series of substances that act as lubricants to facilitate penetration. If there are alterations in the vascular system, excitation will not occur in the same way.

  • Smoking : if you are a smoker, you affect the vascularization process of the clitoris, which needs to fill with blood and grow when you are excited.
  • Diabetes : being obese and suffering from diabetes, you have a greater risk of suffering from vaginal yeast infections , as well as alterations in the circulation of the clitoris that we already told you reduces arousal.

  • Disorders of the musculoskeletal system : especially osteoarthritis, a highly disabling degenerative joint disease.

  • Some women's cancers: such as endometrial, breast , ovarian cancer . And liver, gallbladder, kidneys and colon.

What about your sexuality when you are overweight or obese?

The impact of obesity on a woman's sexuality depends on many variables: the degree of obesity or overweight, pre-existing diseases associated with excess weight, age, hormonal changes, the arrival of  menopause and the emotional component.

There are studies that show that obese women tend to have less sexual intercourse and this may be due to excess estrogen derived from obesity, which produces a decrease in progesterone , the hormone responsible for sexual desire.

On the contrary, it also happens that some women with obesity who suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome, may experience an increase in libido, due to an increase in the levels of male hormones. Beyond the fact that this favors you, you are also exposed to a number of other diseases that will affect you at some point.

Add to that the impact that obesity produces on the endocrine system can be reflected in a higher frequency of irregular menstruations , longer periods and less bleeding , which is called Oligomenorrhea.

These imbalances in your cycle can cause the necessary estrogen peak not to occur during the preovulatory phase, which coincides with the days when we feel the greatest sexual appetite. This is because ovulation does not occur on a regular basis.

You should also consider some psychological aspects derived from obesity and being overweight that can cause a lack of sexual appetite or insecurities that lead to the rejection of sexual relations .

Such is the case of Dysmorphophobia, which happens when some obese women develop a distortion of their image, based on stereotypes and pre-established concepts about beauty, which results in them not wanting to have sex for fear of undressing in front of them. from someone else.

All these feelings have their impact outside of bed because women begin to doubt their attractiveness, to suspect infidelity due to their own insecurities, to think about the effects of their weight on intimacy and in their relationship: will I hurt him if Do I sit on top? Do the folds of the skin smell bad? Will I be able to have children?, among other questions.

In conclusion, obesity puts your libido, your emotional stability and your ability to feel and experience pleasure at risk. It's not a game thing! At #TuSaludIntima we invite you to work daily to maintain a weight according to your height, your age and your physical condition.

Tips to avoid sexual problems derived from obesity

Obesity is a very serious disease that must be treated not only because of the associated sexual dysfunctions, but also because of all the negative consequences it has for your health.

To solve it, you must necessarily have the full support of several specialists and therapists (it is essential that they be professionals), who will draw up the best strategy of actions, according to your case. 

Don't forget to include psychological support to overcome obesity and the problems it hides. Many times we focus on food and the gym, and we forget about self-esteem, depression and other issues related to physical appearance.

At #TuSaludIntima we invite you to consider the formula that we repeat over and over again to achieve general well-being in a healthy way:

A balanced diet + Practice physical exercise + Cultivate your spirit and your mind


If you want to start working on recovering your libido , we invite you to start taking the LibiZenzs supplement , which will help you restore the balance of your sexual desire naturally. It is produced in the United States with an exclusive formula based on plant extracts and Zinc, which increases your sense of well-being, energy and vitality; and also strengthens your immune system.

If you are already experiencing menopause, you can also eliminate its symptoms with the new supplement called #ByeByeMenopause .

It is always necessary to give your sexuality the priority it deserves without falling into exaggerations, but aware of the importance of being healthy to ensure that well-being in the long term.

Take care of yourself today, to grow old healthy and happy!

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