What you didn't know about HIV: let's talk about myths and prevention

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What you didn't know about HIV: let's talk about myths and prevention

“It is not easy to talk about HIV when it comes to yourself, you hear comments that make you responsible for your situation from judgment and guilt. Sometimes they tell you it's your fault for being 'unconscious' and other times because of your sexual inclination” says Carlos, who has been living with HIV for two years… Now all the information is within our reach, but do we really know everything about HIV? ? This issue is surrounded by fears and prejudices that affect the lives of people like Carlos. That is why we want to take advantage of this day to fight against one of the worst epidemics: misinformation . So, before you talk to anyone about HIV, make sure you read what we are going to tell you.

The best way to get to the truth is by denying myths, we will tell you about the most common ones:


Myth #1: “HIV and AIDS are the same thing”

Both are related, but they are not the same. HIV is an infection that weakens the immune system and when this happens it is easier for you to get seriously ill from infections that your body cannot fight. For its part, AIDS is a health condition that develops after many years if HIV is not treated. That is, we can have HIV without having AIDS.


Myth #2: “Only homosexual people get it”

Not only the LGTBIQ+ community is exposed, this virus does not differentiate sexual orientation, it is simply transmitted between people for reasons that we will tell you about later.


Myth #3: “Oral sex prevents the transmission of HIV”

If you practice oral sex with an HIV patient, it can be transmitted, the reality is that during oral sex there is an exchange of bodily fluids such as semen and vaginal discharge that contain the virus and can enter through cuts or open wounds in the contact areas. causing transmission.


Myth #4: "It is transmitted by any physical contact"

If you kiss, hug, brush against, or share utensils with an HIV patient, you CANNOT get the virus. It is only transmitted through fluids such as blood, semen, vaginal fluids, and breast milk.


Myth #5: "HIV is synonymous with death"

After learning of a positive result, millions of people have been in a state of shock because they think it is their death sentence. We have seen on television, news or movies that if a person contracts the virus, their months of life are numbered, but it is completely false. There are treatments that allow patients to lead a normal life, with a life expectancy similar to that of someone who has never contracted the virus.


Myth #6: “People with HIV look sick”

If you expect to identify someone with HIV just by looking at them, you are wrong! A patient does not show visible signs, even many times they themselves do not look or feel sick.

Let's start from reality... the experience of Carlos and millions of patients would be different if the people who judge them eliminated the myths that revolve around HIV. Today we want to focus on safe sex, so we share some practices that will allow you to enjoy your sexuality by reducing the risk of transmission.

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Imagine that every sexual encounter is a journey, so you have to pack in your "backpack" the essential things to enjoy and take care of yourself at the same time. Don't even think about leaving the condom! An important way of transmission of the virus is through vaginal or anal penetration, do not forget that there are other Sexually Transmitted Infections (Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydeas...) and the risk of contagion is very high if you do not use a condom from the "moment zero” to avoid fluid exchange.

Now, anal sex has a higher risk of transmission because, during penetration, the anus can easily tear, small wounds and irritations can be produced, which causes transmission. Can you avoid it? Of course, pack Zenzsual's TABU LUB right now , your experience will be pleasant and safe, it will help you hydrate and lubricate the anal area, reducing the possibility of irritation or fissures. In addition, it is 100% compatible with condoms.

Before the trip you also have to prepare, right? The vagina is one of the most vulnerable areas, because HIV and other infections can easily find their way into your body, so it is important that you constantly take care of it with the Feminine Moisturizing Gel and the Feminine Cleansing Foam , both will help you maintain your Balanced pH and the immunity of your genitals protected.

Anything else! Do not forget about Zenbiotic Probiotics , due to its antibacterial components, it is ideal to strengthen your immune and intestinal system. It is specially designed to stimulate your body's defense system against bacteria, thus minimizing the risk of you acquiring any disease or infection. Now that you have your “backpack” ready, enjoy a safe and pleasant trip!

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In commemoration of the World Day of the Fight against AIDS we want to give you a gift so that you can purchase our VAGINAL HEALTH KIT that includes: Female Moisturizing Gel + Female Cleansing Foam + Zenbiotic Probiotics with a 35% discount and free shipping . Best of all, if you buy it, we'll give you a 50% discount on TABU LUB so you can have a complete care and protection ritual. Remember that you have the right to decide how you live your sexual health, yes, always find out!

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