Sexual freedom: your right to choose how, when and with whom

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Sexual freedom: your right to choose how, when and with whom. intimate health.

What is sexual freedom for you? Or well, what is freedom in itself for you? Being free is not just an expression that currently resonates with greater force, in theory we have always been, because we were born with the right to be and beyond seeking to give a collective discourse, this space is to remind you of it. Yes, because we are free souls in all our essence, like the sea and the wind, and it is only us who decide how, when and with whom, in sex and in everything in life.

In more technical terms and to begin with the legal, to speak of sexual freedom is to refer to the capacity for autonomy and sexual self-determination that we all possess as individuals, that is, the freedom to choose and explore our sexuality in the way we wish without more limitations than respect for the freedom of the other. What does this imply? The power to choose our sexual partners, make and reject proposals freely, and follow one sexual tendency or another at any time, without persecution, social or work stigmatization, or any other type of negative consequence that implies rejection. or discrimination.

Why is it so important to talk about this topic? Because we all seek that freedom, to be able to be and express ourselves as we want without anyone clipping our wings, without anyone limiting our flight, without fear of expressing what we are and being loved in this way, without anything ruling us.

Sexuality goes beyond the genitals or reproduction, having control over our sexual and reproductive health is an aspect of life that involves our physical, mental and social well-being; This is why it is necessary to talk about sexual rights, because the way we express our free and pleasurable sexuality directly influences how we feel, our quality of life and personal relationships.

So remember that you have the right to:

  • Receive education and have information on all aspects related to your sexuality.
  • Enjoy satisfying sexual relations.
  • Being recognized as a sexual being.
  • Make decisions and adopt positions about your sexuality.
  • Choose your partners or sexual partners and have consensual relationships.
  • Explore and enjoy a pleasurable sex life without shame or guilt.
  • Express freely and autonomously what you are.

For this, the most important thing is self-knowledge, says Betty Friendan, "the only way to find yourself is to know yourself", and to do so you have the best tool, masturbation, either alone or with a partner, is ideal for you to know your body and pleasure points, a good way to do it is by helping you with VagiYoga , a device designed not only to restore pelvic floor muscle tone and prevent urinary incontinence, vaginal flaccidity and prolapses, but also to add creativity to your sex life, increase sexual pleasure and improve your mood, a great choice to explore your body. These are the steps to use it:

  1. Read the instructions and make your initial diagnosis
  2. Recharge it for 4 hours straight
  3. Ideally lie down and flex your legs before introducing it.
  4. You can use it in 2 ways:
  • Manually: press the button for 3 seconds to turn it on. Introduce the two balls and begin to squeeze with the walls of your vagina. VagiYoga vibrates as hard as you squeeze and stops when you do.
  • Digitally: download the App and connect your VagiYoga , record your data and follow the visual guide that tells you how long to tighten or relax.
Sexual freedom: your right to choose how, when and with whom. Products for your intimate health

Something that you should not forget to fully enjoy your sexuality is communication, a lot of imagination and obviously, good lubrication. Our Feminine Intimate Gel with Hyaluronic Acid is an ideal product to use during your sexual relations and also daily since it rehydrates, regenerates and rejuvenates the skin of your intimate area, mainly preventing vaginal dryness so that it never ruins your sexual life. Always use it together with your VagiYoga ! We remind you how to use it:

  1. During the sexual act: To stimulate your clitoris and as a lubricant you can use it by placing a little at the entrance of your vagina and/or on your partner's penis. This guarantees that you avoid pain during penetration and even if you don't suffer from pain, that extra lubrication and hydration can allow you to enjoy greater pleasure. Dare to try it!

  2. Daily as an Intimate Moisturizer: Just as you take care of your face, you have to take care of your intimate area, so we recommend that you always use an intimate moisturizer with hyaluronic acid after bathing or washing your genitals to prevent them from drying out and having discomfort in your genitals due to this reason. Well, many women complain of itching and discomfort in their vulva or at the entrance of the vagina, they consult the doctor and they do not find any alteration or infection and this is often due to the fact that dryness generates these annoying symptoms. So to prevent it, apply a little Zenzsual moisturizing gel with hyaluronic acid every day as follows:

    1. Massage your vulva with a small amount.
    2. Massage your vulva with a small amount.
    3. Apply a little on the outside and massage until completely absorbed.
    4. Locate a little inside by inserting your finger inside the vagina.
    5. Let the product act hydrating and regenerating the area.

Definitely, this pair can become your ideal complement to get out of the routine and achieve orgasms or improve the ones you already have, just think of everything you can do, for example, have your partner become your personal trainer, help you train your pelvic floor and everything ends with an incredible “happy ending”. You can take great advantage of your VagiYoga as a sex toy in your relationships, try positions such as the cowboy, lotus flower or the famous spoon and during penetration add a little extra fun by stimulating your clitoris with it, these positions will give you all the ease of manipulate it, whether you do it or your partner. Fun and orgasms guaranteed!

What are you waiting for to live your sexuality without limits? It's your right! And at Zenzsual we give you the tools to achieve maximum pleasure, so buy now your Total Intimate Health KIT , Healthy Mom KIT and the Foam + Intimate Gel KIT for Women with a 20% discount + free shipping

Sexual freedom: your right to choose how, when and with whom. intimate and sexual health

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