Menopause can stop being a trauma

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The road to old age, with the vision of the unknown ahead, has been the slowest destructive pathological process that human beings have faced. Many of my patients express to me their great fear of aging even before reaching 30 years of age, and as menopause approaches, some take it for granted that they will see their physical, sexual and mental faculties diminish.

The self-image becomes more vulnerable as we age and unfortunately human nature perceives a weak self-image as aberrational, associating aging with weakness. The woman begins to feel vulnerable when faced with the threat of physical and mental deterioration, with diminished respect from others, and with the stressful need to defend herself in our competitive world in order to preserve her professional, affective, and social status.

With the increase in longevity, this stage has been extended to reach an average duration of 25 years, hence the importance of ensuring a good quality of life. Obesity and osteoporosis, with their consequent risks derived from an unhealthy lifestyle (hypertension, diabetes, musculoskeletal pain and fractures) become the main enemies of health in menopause.

In addition, due to the decrease in estrogen, the "hot flashes" or "hot flashes" characteristic of menopause often begin to appear, the woman's skin becomes flaccid, wrinkles, spots, bags under the eyes appear and may even appear. have an increase in abdominal diameter. Just as the skin of the face is affected, the female genitalia are also affected, with the consequent appearance of flaccidity and vaginal dryness, which translates into loss of tone and decreased vaginal lubrication that should normally occur during sexual arousal. Physical conditions that add up and generate anguish and depression in many women, generally from the age of 45-50, because they are unaware of the alternatives they have to prevent and treat these changes.

Fortunately, paradigms are changing and menopause no longer has to be seen and experienced as a period of exhaustion or the end of life, but rather as the beginning of a series of hormonal changes that establish a new biological order. Aging is a biological process that requires delaying its effects through a balanced diet, moderate exercise and vitamin, trace element and hormonal intake, avoiding wearing factors such as excessive sun exposure, excessive consumption of saturated fats, alcohol and tobacco.

Luckily, today there are aesthetic and anti-aging medicine tools that can help us reverse the physical and emotional signs of menopause with the aim of improving self-esteem by preventing, recovering and/or maintaining prolonged health, among which are:

  1. Changes in lifestyle: healthy and balanced diet, physical activity, personalized training using high-intensity therapeutic protocols to prevent and treat osteoporosis, and it is even proven that they help reduce "hot flashes" and improve body shape (including pelvic floor muscles).
  2. Hormonal (if indicated) and nutritional supplementation with vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants, helping to maintain a healthy weight, improve vaginal lubrication, libido and tone and hydration of the skin and muscles.
  3. Preventive and curative treatment of aesthetic alterations that commonly accompany menopause: periodic skin hydration for dry skin, prevention and treatment of sun spots and age spots through non-invasive or minimally invasive cosmetic treatments such as ultrasonic scrub or peeling and the dermapen or microneedles to treat small wrinkles and help close the pores of the skin of the face, and of course the Ultherapy (high intensity microfocused ultrasound) to treat facial flaccidity, lift drooping eyelids.

We definitely cannot stop the passage of time, however, if we can delay the onset and even reverse some of its physical signs, enjoy prolonged health and a fulfilling life.

One of our missions with Zenzsual is to educate women from an early age of life so that they can reach old age in better physical, spiritual and mental conditions, with a good quality of life, teaching them to understand menopause as one more process of our evolution as women and not as the end of our physical, sexual and spiritual life.

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