Friendship: the secret of couples who stay together for life

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Since 2011, on July 30, International Friendship Day has been celebrated by mandate of the United Nations General Assembly, in honor of that bond with whom we appreciate and identify with. This leads us to think about how convenient and beneficial friendship can be in long-term relationships, a topic that we will address in this article.

The author John Gottman explains in his book " The 7 principles to make a marriage work " that happy marriages are based on a deep friendship and explains that this emotional connection is up to five times more important than physical intimacy. This premise can be discussed in terms of the percentage of importance of one and the other in the different stages of our lives, but what is certain is that both weigh a lot in the success of the relationship.

This premise is relevant because physical intimacy can decrease over time in marriage, on the contrary, emotional intimacy can grow and this is easily demonstrated by looking around our lives as we have true friendships that last a lifetime. On the other hand, the fiery passion and the state of falling in love are often transitory and diminish over time.

Friendship brings harmony to the relationship , maintains the bond over time and generates bonds that can last for years. It is also worth thinking about the fact that it is convenient for us to cultivate friendship with our partners as a determining factor in times of turbulence (when intimacy is not a priority), to overcome crises and difficult moments that always appear in daily life.

Basic tips to maintain friendship with your partner

For this reason, we consider it useful to share with you some tips so that you can analyze the current bond of your relationship, and if you want it to be long-term, find opportunities to cultivate a true friendship with the person you love:

  1. Sharing: by spending more time together doing activities you have in common, fulfilling your mutual desires or trying something new, you are already paying off your friendship.

  2. Have fun together : go to the movies, a play, a favorite sport match or take advantage of any occasion to laugh, de-stress, have fun, even if they are different. Keep in mind that humor relaxes us, smoothes rough edges and opens a path of connection with the other, because it allows us to put our differences aside or minimize them, and at the end of the road allows you to accumulate memories and new stories together.

  3. Find good excuses to talk: by sharing opinions about a book, a movie, or a series, you are creating a connection. Remember that they do not always have to agree, as is normal, they can have different opinions and diametrically opposite shades of the same topic. The key is to respect the vision of the other, without generating controversy.

  4. Learn something together: take a course, attend a talk in your community, take cooking classes, drawing classes, enjoy a wine tasting, learn a trade that catches your eye. It is about sharing quality time beyond the routine.

  5. Have goals in common : Allow yourself to dream together, make plans, devise projects that encourage you to move forward as a couple. Dare to build your own empire together.

  6. Traveling together: it can be the opportunity to get to know each other better, discover new facets of your personality and appreciate those moments alone 

Friendship as a couple: check this checklist daily

  1. Nurture trust in the relationship, through respectful and honest conversations.
  2. Have relaxed spaces where you talk about everything and nothing at the same time, avoiding talking about problems, work and debts.
  3. Celebrate your successes without jealousy, no matter how small. In the end both are winners.
  4. Take care of the other when they need it most. When we feel vulnerable it is important to feel that your partner is present in body and soul and is emotionally available and engaged.
  5. Appreciate the small details that your partner does for you and try to do something the same or better every day.
  6. Tell him how special he is to you. Sometimes we take it for granted and we must externalize that feeling in front of the other person.
  7. That they feel that they belong to the same team , forgive each other for mistakes and do not resent the past in times of conflict.
  8. Make your partner a priority and never take it as an absolute fact, because life can change and so can people.

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