Smoking hurts your sexuality too much

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smoking harms sexuality

On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, which is celebrated every May 31, we return to this topic so that, finally, you are encouraged to quit smoking. And if you know a woman who still smokes, convince her to give up, because there are plenty of harmful consequences for women's health and sexuality.

Let's go straight to the point! Although it can be a bad habit that is difficult for some people to break, it is essential that we all be fully aware and aware of the harmful effects that each puff of cigarettes has on women, not only for those who consume it, but also for those who are passive smokers, who inadvertently expose themselves to smoke.

It's true! Women who smoke are at greater risk of suffering from some diseases , just from smoking and/or being continuously exposed to smoke. Know what are those medical conditions that can affect you by consuming cigarettes:

1. Failures in sexual arousal

The chemical substances contained in tobacco reduce sexual arousal and desire because they affect neurotransmitters, determinants for the transfer of nerve stimuli that play an important role in female libido.

Tobacco affects the production of nitric oxide , a molecule responsible for vasodilation and which allows erection of the penis and clitoris, consequently, the erection is atrophied, sensitivity to stimuli is reduced and causes female impotence over time.

2. Vaginal dryness

Tobacco causes arteriosclerosis which in turn decreases blood flow, increasing the risk of vaginal dryness, which accelerates and/or aggravates the lack of sexual desire in women. A study by the International Academy of Medical Sexology concluded that nicotine can reduce the genital response to erotic stimuli by 30%.

3. Three out of five senses: loss of smell and taste

Smoking affects the olfactory nerves and prevents enough blood from reaching the taste buds, thus reducing the sense of smell and taste. What, without a doubt, reduces the enjoyment of sex, at the moment of sexual attraction, eroticism and excitement.

4. Bitter taste in your intimate area

Tobacco could make sex taste bitter and increase vaginal odor. Research indicates that the taste of vaginal discharge varies depending on biological factors, medications you are taking, diet, and habits (such as alcohol and tobacco use).

Sex: an extreme sport

Tar trapped in the lungs clogs the bronchial tubes and reduces the woman's lung capacity, affecting her breathing. Reason enough that, over time, sex ends up being an extreme sport for the smoker, due to the physical demand it represents.

5. Defenseless before the world

Tobacco also interferes with the absorption of nutrients, decreasing the body's defenses against viruses, parasites and bacteria. In addition, it increases body fat, promotes fluid retention and obesity.

6. Infertility and difficult pregnancies

Women who smoke do not conceive as efficiently as non-smokers. In fact, infertility rates among women who smoke go up considerably compared to non-smokers. This risk increases with the number of cigarettes you smoke per day. Even fertility treatments (such as in vitro fertilization) do not always fully overcome the effects of tobacco use on fertility.

And because smoking damages the genetic material of eggs and sperm, rates of miscarriage and problem birth are also higher among patients who smoke.

7. Traumatic periods

Smoking is associated with the delay of the first menstruation (menarche), with irregular periods, absence of menstruation (amenorrhea), and to top it off, it advances the arrival of menopause between one and four years.

This occurs because certain toxic substances in tobacco, such as hydrocarbons, decrease the level of estrogen, the female hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle and prepare our bodies for pregnancy. They influence our libido and our emotions. As there is a decrease in the estrogen levels of our body due to smoking, your libido, your state of mind will be affected, increasing mood swings, pessimism, stress and anxiety.

Smoking causes periods with frequent pain, this may be caused by the vasoconstrictor effect of tobacco, generating the same effect that we feel when the weather is cold, causing more painful periods.

8. Vaginal infections

Women who smoke habitually manifest an imbalance in the vaginal flora that can favor the development of infections of bacterial and viral origin, decreasing the immune response.

And what does smoking have to do with vaginal infections?

This happens because smokers may have a lower amount of lactobacilli, those good bacteria that help you maintain the balance of vaginal flora, preventing other bad microorganisms (such as Gardnerella vaginalis or Candida albicans) from dominating the environment and causing infections .

The #Zenbiotic nutritional supplement was created by #TuSaludIntima to help women protect their immune system by supplementing with those specific lactobacilli found in the vaginal area and strengthen natural defenses to fight and avoid infections.

9. Pelvic hypotonia: Your vagina is too relaxed!

We have already said that the toxic substances in tobacco can cause a drop in the estrogen level. This hormonal deficit can alter the muscle and support tissues of the pelvic organs, causing weakness of the pelvic floor or what is called pelvic hypotonia , which, in turn, causes other dysfunctions such as prolapse of internal organs (descent of the bladder and urethra), urinary and fecal incontinence, unpleasant sexual relations and even anorgasmia.

10. Urinary incontinence

Tobacco affects our respiratory system (lungs, bronchi and everything associated with their pathways), making us more prone to chronic cough and bronchitis. When we suffer a coughing attack, the excessive and constant abdominal pressure on the pelvic musculature and the bladder can cause stress urinary incontinence, those involuntary leaks of urine that happen when laughing, coughing, running or lifting a weight, which when passing the time can change your life negatively, force you to wear diapers or suffer a prolapse of your pelvic organs.

Another type of incontinence, whose causes are also associated with tobacco use, is urge urinary incontinence , which refers to the involuntary loss of urine associated with an overactive bladder, that is, an intense and sudden need to urinate that is difficult to control and that causes leaks.

Beyond quitting smoking, which is an essential requirement, you can avoid suffering from urinary incontinence (or if you are starting to experience it) put an end to it with medical treatment and Kegel exercises. If you are new to exercising your pelvic floor or simply want to follow up on your training, we recommend the #VagiYoga vaginal trainer that we have for you at #TuSaludIntima.

11. Bladder cancer

T in present that smoking causes about half of bladder cancers in women. And it is a risk factor for many other cancers in the population.

These are just some of the reasons why you should not smoke

It should be noted that it is only part of the consequences that smoking has on women's health and that there are many other aspects to be addressed. Do not let it affect your health and put your quality of life at risk, as some of its effects are irreversible.

At #TuSaludIntima we continue to focus on our purpose of creating products for women's health care and sexual well-being and that is why we want to better inform you about those aspects that allow you to improve your health and sexuality, because our purpose is to help you take care of your health.

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