Do not look any further! We found the best gift for Mother's Day

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the best gift for mothers day

As every year, do you find yourself in the dilemma of choosing or asking for a gift for Mother's Day that is innovative, useful, appreciated, and unforgettable for whoever receives it? Well, think no more here at TuSaludIntima we give you several options that meet that criteria. Keep reading and choose yours.

Although in each country it is celebrated on different dates , in the United States it all started when two influential women fought to have Mother's Day recognized. They were the poet and activist Julia Ward Howe and Anna Reeves Jarvis, who led a campaign for the United States, which had excellent results because US President Wilson Woodrow officially declared in 1914 that Mother's Day would be celebrated on the second Sunday of May .

From there it is history, the world of marketing has created countless stories and products around Mother's Day, who have taken advantage of the gifts and have received multiple demonstrations of affection for these days.

At #TuSaludIntima we are dedicated to creating products for women's health care and sexual well-being and that is why we want to give you a new option to give that day, because there is nothing more important for a woman than taking care of her health. So here we leave you some options that your mom will know how to appreciate:

5 Mother's Day gift ideas:

  1. An appointment with the gynecologist: find out if it was already this year or if he has postponed it on multiple occasions, to fulfill other of his commitments. The appointment with the gynecologist is a mandatory stop to review women's health. Doing the cytology, the mammary echo and if the doctor indicates it, the mammography, are part of the routine that should not be missing in this meeting. The doctor will tell you which studies you should perform. Knowing that your mother follows her medical check-ups and treatments is a true gift for the whole family.

  2. A quality intimate gel: because, although it is not a subject that mothers discuss with their children, it is a reality that vaginal dryness is one of the effects of menopause and adult life. With this gift you would be making her daily life easier, since the discomfort associated with vaginal dryness can range from small and painful fissures, pain and discomfort in sexuality, exposure to vaginal infections, among others.

  3. A daily intimate hygiene kit: many times we give away perfumes or face creams, but very rarely do we give away products for the care of the female intimate area. The ZENZSUAL CLEANSING FOAM is a product that perfectly applies as a gift to a woman, because it is a product for external cleaning of the genital area, WITHOUT DETERGENT (SYNDET), with hyaluronic acid and lactic acid to guarantee hydration and balance the pH of la zona, organic blueberry extract to improve the local defense system, with bisabolol which is a chamomile derivative to prevent inflammation and odor-controlling ingredients, for daily use and cleaning.
  4. A kit of nutritional supplements specially designed to protect women's health:

    1. Byebye Menopause : a nutritional supplement with high concentrations of Zinc, with a 100% vegan, estrogen-free and soy-free natural formula that regulates hormones and frees women from the terrible discomforts of menopause.

    2. Byebye Cystitis : is a unique natural supplement, created to strengthen and protect the health of the female urinary tract, which naturally has a high antibacterial and antifungal power. It is an excellent antioxidant, acting as a natural diuretic to increase the flow of urine and prevent fluid retention in the body. It has been formulated with a super concentrated extract of Organic Cranberry, rich in Proanthocyanidins of the purest quality (PAC'S) and D-Mannose. These two ingredients together prevent the bacteria that regularly cause urinary tract infections from adhering to the bladder walls. In addition, it contains Vitamin C in the form of magnesium ascorbate (which does NOT harm the stomach), Propolis extract, oregano and celery leaf extract.

    3. Zenbiotic One of the first lines of defense in the body is the local bacterial flora. Zenbiotic is a perfect gift because it is formulated to support vaginal health as well as digestive and immune wellness throughout the body. It contains 25 billion CFUs of probiotics, which are good bacteria that coexist in the human body, promoting proper functioning and promoting natural environments that stimulate defense systems against germs that can cause disease. Specially made with Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli specific to the vagina, to reduce the frequency of the most common female problems such as: vaginal pH imbalance and the presence of yeasts or fungi (Candidiasis).

    4. LibiZenzs: because we know that being a mother at various stages of life our energy and our libido disappear.

  5. Learn together some Natural Rejuvenation techniques : In the Revive Project 30 online course, designed by Dr. Samar Yorde @SoySaludable, you will find all the secrets to look 10 years younger and more energetic in a natural way and rescue your beauty and vitality.

    In a course of only 30 days, which you can consult and review whenever you want, with useful guides and recipes for a lifetime, where they will teach you how to:

    1. Design an action plan to rejuvenate at any age.
    2. Train your brain to transform your emotions, energy state and the functioning of your cells.
    3. All about natural food and how to prepare rich, easy and quick recipes that will make you reach a healthy weight and fill you with energy.
    4. How to exercise your body to gain more years of health and well-being and aesthetic routines so that you look younger and more radiant.

In addition, it includes 4 e-books that you will love to have:

  • Ebook "Bye Bye Aging".
  • Ebook "Sleep and Rejuvenate".
  • Ebook "Optimize Your Immune System".
  • Ebook: "My 40 Favorite Recipes".

Includes access to the Revive Project 30 program and workbook at the end, to the private community on Facebook and a free year to the Ageless Club.

These options adapt to different budgets and by giving her options to take care of her health, your mom will most likely be surprised and pleased.

Visit our online store TuSaludIntima to find out about the other nutritional supplements that we have created to care for women's health in a preventive way and follow us for more content related to women's health and sexuality. Do not forget to follow us on our social networks, look for us as: @TuSaludIntima.

There we keep sharing useful tips and join the #TeamZenzsual to share this information with your friends, leave us your doubts and comments.


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