Yoga: gives you more flexibility and improves your sexuality

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It is time to train! Look for your mat and take data so that you are a complete Flexi-Girl from now on. We promise that in private you will not regret it!

There are many benefits that the routine practice of yoga brings to our health, not only physically but also mentally. And that is exactly what we are looking for in these days of stress, overload and worries that constantly overwhelm us. But we cannot let those damaging events in our environment and the heavy burden of everyday life ruin our intimate life and our sexual well-being.

In this article we concentrate on listing the main advantages of practicing yoga. The goal is for you to stop making excuses and start taking yoga classes with your friends, so that you are one of the women who enjoys the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of yoga.

What yoga brings to your sexuality!:

Experts explain that yoga regulates attention and breathing , reduces anxiety and stress, and regulates parasympathetic nervous activity , that is, it activates the part of the nervous system that tells the body to stop, relax, rest, digest, lower the heart rate and trigger any other metabolic processes that induce relaxation. And yoga provides a significant improvement in arousal and lubrication .

On a mental level, there are also psychological mechanisms that are activated by the practice of yoga, because it has been found that women who practice it are less likely to criticize their bodies and to be more aware of their physical selves.

All of these effects are associated with improvements in sexual response:

  1. Connect with your body. Being in connection with the response of your body and your mind makes it easier to reach orgasm. Surely you have witnessed how stress, problems, anxiety, blockages prevent you from getting excited and having a satisfying climax. That disconnection with your needs even blocks your ability to feel and experience pleasure. Yoga allows you to connect body, mind and spirit. This reconnection with your body will make you hear and feel it again, reawakening your libido naturally.

  2. Get more energy. The increase in tone or vital energy is one of the great benefits you get from the first practice of yoga, something that is directly related to your libido. Sadness, anxiety, stress absorb your vital and sexual energy. Get active, you're alive!

  3. Live in harmony with your physique. The complexes and insecurities that we have regarding our physique often limit us when we are intimate. The practice of yoga will make you gain tone and strength, it will improve your posture and your appearance, stylizing your figure. And the most important thing is that the awareness and connection with your body that yoga brings will make you feel better with your body, accepting it, respecting it and taking care of it.

  4. Get rid of emotional blocks. The physical and mental liberation that yoga provides through asanas, breath control, and meditation can help you manage your fears, insecurities, and negative emotions, unlocking your body and mind, and consequently, your libido.

  5. Improve your circulation. Inverted yoga positions activate and improve circulation and oxygenation of organs, tissues, muscles and your entire reproductive system. This greater vascularity in the genital areas promotes desire and improves sexual enjoyment.

  6. Gain flexibility and resistance: yoga postures especially work flexibility and strength, which will make you feel much more comfortable and physically capable during your sexual encounters. The specific asanas for the hips and genitals will literally make you rediscover these areas of your body.

  7. Tone your pelvic floor. We have talked to you a lot about the negative consequences of pregnancy, childbirth, age and high-impact exercises on the musculature of our pelvic floor. By losing its tone, the feeling of sexual pleasure is also reduced. Take advantage of yoga postures to keep this part of your body toned.

At this point, we also recommend working daily with the #Vagiyoga trainer who will help you perform your Kegel exercises on a regular basis, and most importantly, measure your progress in strengthening your pelvic floor with the application that you can control from your mobile phone.

  1. you feel more The practice of yoga helps you listen to yourself, distance yourself from negative thoughts and better connect with your deepest emotions, allowing you to enjoy more of what you are doing in the present. Keeping your mind from flying away from your bed when you're making love.

  2. Connect better with your partner. Practicing yoga as a couple will help you improve empathy and create intimacy, respect, compassion and affection towards each other. This will enrich your sexual and emotional relationships .

  3. Relax more. In all yoga classes there is a final relaxation that will allow you to get away from stress, be calmer and in a better mood, which will predispose you more to play and sex.

Tips: It's never too late to start!

  1. Try to perform the exercises in a balanced way , to distribute flexibility throughout all areas, reinforcing the good and improving critical areas.
  2. Do not obsess over the weak point . You will see how little by little you are improving, remember to see your body as a whole.
  3. Seek the harmony and balance that yoga gives you. When you do the asanas for flexibility you will feel more optimistic and fit.
  4. Breathe slowly and deeper : learn to breathe well and naturally to better relax your body, feel more comfortable and confident. With diaphragmatic breathing, try to achieve synchronization between your breathing and the movements of your body. That will help you do the yoga asanas correctly and with less risk of injury.
  5. Choose a good mat to avoid pain in the legs, ankles, elbows and that your muscles perform to the maximum, your joints have to be in perfect condition. That is thicker than 5mm.
  6. Take care of your joints: progress little by little because many pains appear due to the blockage of our muscles and once they get used to our activity they disappear.
  7. Stay away from injuries : the more flexibility your body has, you will have less chance of injury, your circulation will be better, and your nervous system will benefit more.
  8. Wear the right clothes: choose loose and comfortable clothing, there are several brands with sports lines especially dedicated to the practice of yoga. Look for some examples on the internet and choose yours. With the right clothes you will not find obstacles when carrying out the asanas
  9. Start with more repetitions: if you are starting to practice yoga, try to do more repetitions and for shorter durations. This way you will have more rest time between one and the other. Your muscles and joints will thank you.

Do not despair if you do not achieve the flexibility you want the first few days. Practice a lot, with patience and perseverance to achieve it over time.

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