The top 10 women's health for 2022

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The top 10 women's health for 2022

We say goodbye to this year with some successes, other mistakes and many lessons that will allow us to take advantage of each of the experiences we have had, as an essential factor to plan for 2022, with a dose of the dreaming woman that you carry inside and a high percentage of realism. that allows us to think in advance about everything that TuSaludIntima needs to ensure your sexual well-being and age healthily.

This is how there are only a few days left until New Year's Eve and we want to remind you of these 10 simple tips that will make a difference in your feminine intimate health, because it is a good time for you to review and incorporate them into your daily life from January 1:

1. Visit the gynecologist.

Yes ladies! We must remember it because we forget this important appointment. Do not stay with the advice of your friend or your grandmother, women's health must be attended by professionals. And give you the treatment you deserve, because there are many diseases that we can avoid if we go to the doctor on time. Do not self-medicate with each vaginal infection and stay away from home remedies that weaken your vaginal flora and unbalance the pH of that area.

2. Get in the habit of using a moisturizing intimate gel daily:

Dryness wreaks havoc on the vulva, you've already felt it at some point in your life. Don't let it wrinkle like a raisin. Try to make it healthier and it will respond better to the demands of sexuality and daily life. To achieve this, hydrate it with an intimate gel like Zenzsual's at least once a day.

3. Discard non-cotton pantyhose.

Renew your intimate outfit by discarding those very old underwear, synthetic fabrics and prefer natural fabrics that let it "breathe". Say "NO" to those made of polyester that, rather, promote more heat and more bacteria.

4. Use the correct product to clean your intimate area.

Do not wash your vulva with the same soap as the rest of your body. These products are usually very harsh and abrasive to the delicate pH of your intimate area. It is best to rinse with fresh water and those hot days or with menstruation prefer to use a special product such as the Zenzsual cleansing foam , which, in addition to cleaning, contains other components such as cranberry extract and hyaluronic acid, which protect you from infections and take care of the balance of its pH.

5. Perform Kegel exercises every day.

Build your intimate area gym at home by buying the VagiYoga vaginal exerciser and your Zenzsual intimate gel . They are exercises that will only take a few minutes a day and will save you from living with urinary incontinence or suffering from organ prolapse. In addition to helping you feel better orgasms.

6. Bring some innovation to your sexuality.

In order not to fall into the routine, you can plan with your partner the use of new sex toys, fulfill a fantasy from time to time, try new positions or whatever you both like. If anal intercourse is in your repertoire, remember to use a lubricant such as Tabulub or if you see that either of you is having problems with your desire, sexual performance or virility due to accumulated fatigue, the nutritional supplement Libizenz for you or for them (for Men ) must be in the gifts of Kings.

7. Acquire new habits that keep you away from vaginal infections.

Clean yourself from front to back to avoid infections, do not push when defecating and rather, put your feet up on a step or stool to facilitate the exit of feces, drink plenty of water and urinate several times a day. It is recommended that nutritional supplements, which boost your defenses from within, such as Zenbiotic andByeByeCystitis can also be included in your preventive routine. You will make a difference!

8. Spread the importance of taking care of your Intimate Health.

Be the one to break the cycle of bad habits among the women in your family. Taking care of your sexuality, talking about those issues and living it fully is the first step. And if you want to join the TuSaludIntima team, you can join as a Zenzsual Ambassador to make this a venture and join the commercial team of these products in your environment.

9. Talk more with your partner about sexuality.

Take ownership of your sexuality, talk about your preferences, solve problems and avoid major problems by attending couples sessions and #SexCoaching if necessary. At: you have the option to talk with true professionals.

10. Reserve space in the agenda for your happy moments

Do not fill yourself with occupations and responsibilities and save time to live your sexuality, take care of your body and be happy. That's what life is about. Do not sacrifice yourself for others, because otherwise you load yourself with problems, you can get sick and become a burden instead of helping them and being happy together.

Don't let 2022 catch you off guard. Empower yourself in your feminine health and your sexual life with the knowledge that we leave you in TuSaludIntima, the Zenzsual products and the tools that you have.

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