From menstruation to menopause

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From menstruation to menopause. Information for your intimate health

Do you know how your menstrual cycle and your body change when menopause approaches? Menopause does not come without warning! And knowing the possible changes in menstruation prior to the transition to menopause is a great way to learn to know your body and reach this new stage of your life in a more conscious way, without anything taking you by surprise.

We all have our own biological clock, this means that it is so yours that you cannot compare your times with anyone else's. However, we know that it is between the ages of 45 and 51 approximately, although some women can experience them from the age of 30, that the changes in our menstruation begin to manifest themselves, how? Through variations in regularity, color and flow, this transitory process is also known as perimenopause, and because we know that there are many questions surrounding this topic, we tell you everything you need to know about your menstrual period and menopause; so that ignorance and doubts do not flood you when it comes into your life.

During perimenopause, the function of your ovaries is gradually suspended, altering the production of estrogen, the main female sex hormones, and it is this action that triggers:

  • Changes in your menstrual cycle , these become more irregular, they can be shorter or longer than normal, lighter or more abundant, and even not occur. Each of us knows her body like no one else and knows how much time can pass between one menstrual period and another, duration and amount of bleeding, etc. It is even normal that you can perceive a change in the color of your flow, the only thing that is not normal is that the bleeding is too abundant. No one but you will be able to perceive that these changes are taking place.
    From menstruation to menopause. Information for your intimate health
  • The first hot flashes, hot flashes or night sweats. Its intensity, duration and frequency can also vary.
    From menstruation to menopause. Information for your intimate health
  • Alterations in your mood such as irritability or increased risk of depression. This symptom is closely related to the interruption or difficulty in falling asleep, due to hot flashes or hot flashes.

    From menstruation to menopause. Information for your intimate health
  • Lack of concentration. The decrease in your cognitive abilities can also occur at this stage and some signs that you can identify are: forgetfulness, confused thoughts, losing the thread in a conversation or difficulty focusing and completing certain tasks.

    From menstruation to menopause. Information for your intimate health
  • Vaginal and bladder problems , the most common of which is vaginal dryness. This happens because when the estrogen level decreases, the vaginal tissues lose lubrication and elasticity, in addition to making sexual intercourse difficult and painful. In the same way, vaginal and urinary infections, and urinary incontinence can occur.

    From menstruation to menopause. Information for your intimate health
  • Decreased libido. At this stage sexual arousal can also change, however, if your sexual activity was good before menopause, it will continue during this transition and after it.
    From menstruation to menopause. Information for your intimate health

  • Decreased fertility since as your ovulation becomes more and more irregular, your ability to conceive is also altered, decreasing your chances.
    From menstruation to menopause. Information for your intimate health


Fun fact: keep in mind that even when you begin to experience these first changes it does not mean that you have officially entered menopause and your menstrual period will not return overnight; this process can take up to four years before it happens.

Now, it is important that you take control of your health so that menopause does not become a problematic stage in your life, because it is NOT. When you stay healthy, these changes are easier to bear, especially if you keep these recommendations in mind:

  • Avoid smoking because this can damage your bones and cause other diseases such as heart disease.
  • Exercise, 30 minutes of physical activity will be enough for your body to thank you because you will help your bones, heart and mood.
  • Eat well, include more fruits and vegetables in your dishes, as well as healthy grains and proteins.
  • Keep track of your menstrual period, record all your changes such as small losses, duration and color change. And while the symptoms of the menstrual period continue to be part of your life, improve them with Menstrual Zen , a product that reduces inflammation and fluid retention, relieves cramps and headaches, improves mood swings, and its main benefit is that it is natural and hormone free, and is made with vitamins, minerals and plant-based.
  • When menopause officially comes into your life, take a supplement, our recommendation is Bye Bye Menopause , a nutritional supplement that will provide your body with the necessary ingredients to counteract its symptoms, best of all, without hormones and through a 100% vegan formula. Free of estrogen and soy. Our product will take care of regulating your hormonal function and will surprise you with all its benefits here.
  • Avoid vaginal dryness and painful intercourse with a good lubricant/moisturizer. Zenzsual's Feminine Intimate Gel with Hyaluronic Acid is a powerful product that will help you experience this change in a more pleasant way, thanks to its natural active components such as acid hyaluronic acid that will keep your intimate area hydrated

As we said at the beginning of this blog, menopause does not come without warning and knowing how your cycle works, and in general your whole body, once you enter menopause will help you understand that it is a completely natural state and does not mean any disease. and that you can handle with our "Women in Power" kit that contains Bye Bye Menopause + Menstrual Zen and can be yours with a 20% discount.

From menstruation to menopause

Down with worries, get to know yourself to lead a happier menopause!

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