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The vagina is a "virtual channel" that is part of the female reproductive organ and that many women still do not know or do not know exactly where it fits and how to enjoy it.

First we have to define what is the vagina? since many women tend to confuse it with the external and visible portion of the genitals called the vulva, when it really is not visible to the eyes and if you grab a mirror to see your genitals, the only thing you will be able to see is your vulva and if you open your labia minora you will only be able to see a moist pink area where you could insert a finger known as the "vaginal introitus".

And since we are talking about getting to know our body, we have noticed that some women still believe that the vagina is where they urinate, but no, no, no, just above the vagina there is another smaller orifice that is the urethra and That is where the urine comes out.

So now you know, women don't urinate through their vaginas! Unlike the man who has the urethra inside the penis and therefore if they urinate through his penis (perhaps it is because of this that some women still have that confusion).

The word vagina comes from the term vāgīna , which in Latin means “sheath” (elongated casing) . It is a virtual conduit or channel between 8 and 12 centimeters in length, which connects the exterior of the female genitalia with the interior.

Its most important characteristic is elasticity, this means that it is capable of expanding its size many times and then returning to normal.

The best example of something with good elasticity is a new balloon, which when without air its walls are close to each other but when air is introduced, they detach and stretch many times; then when the air is removed, it returns to its original size. The same goes for the vagina.

And it is said that the vagina is a "virtual channel", because, as in the example of the balloon, its walls are normally attached and due to its characteristic of being elastic, it widens in the form of a channel in different circumstances depending on its function.

So let's go on to describe these circumstances and understand why is the vagina there?

  1. Well, mainly to receive the penis during the sexual encounter.
  2. And its other function is to serve as a channel to allow the passage of the baby from inside the womb or uterus to the outside world during childbirth.

Well, it is also the place where menstrual cups, tampons and some sex toys enter.

How is the vagina formed?

The vagina, as we have already explained, is a fibromuscular organ that forms an elastic channel that has several layers. Imagine a hose with different components from the inside out:

First, the mucosa, which is the pink, moist, and warm part that feels rough when you insert your finger. These folds are normal and are what help to increase its size, either when a penis is inserted or when a baby comes out.

This layer has a lot of water in its thickness and is thick when the woman is young and with hormones, and less water and thinner during menopause; it also has many vessels that supply blood when the woman is in the fertile stage with her hormones functioning normally, which makes it quite warm in temperature and is capable of secreting a viscous fluid, known as lubrication, during sexual arousal that helps to make sexual intercourse more pleasurable.

The vagina in its depth has a layer of tissue called connective tissue that is rich in collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin and is also well nourished during the reproductive stage.

Finally, it has a group of muscles that surround it, especially in the part closest to the entrance, which are the famous perineal or pelvic floor muscles. Sounds bizarre, right?

Well, these muscles are very, very important, since during the sexual encounter, they are very strong, they can contract voluntarily and give you and your partner greater pleasure and involuntarily during orgasm. When these muscles contract, they move the penis towards the upper or anterior part of the vagina, rubbing against the famous G-spot or zone , helping to achieve more intense vaginal orgasms.

The pelvic floor muscles are the famous orgasmic platform! And from there comes our insistence that you should always exercise them to maintain your intimate health and have a much more pleasant sex life.

In our article How Your Vagina Changes we will tell you more about our precious vaginal organ and the reasons that can alter its function and we will also explain how we can solve them with cutting-edge treatments and tools.

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