How to survive a sexual summer?

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How to survive a sexual summer?

Definitely no one dies from lack of sex; However, it is important that you understand that sex is still an essential part of our lives, and after a good time without anything at all, surviving, for some women, can be a matter of life or death. But if you are one of those who no longer feel any interest in sex and it does not worry you, this is also for you, because this topic should not remain in the trunk of memories, your intimate health deserves all your attention and here we will tell you because.

To talk about sexual summer, it is best that we start by demystifying some things that we have heard out there that perhaps you have also thought about, while we share our best tips for surviving a sexual summer prioritizing @tusaludintima, so our mantra to end the day will be: "SEX IS HEALTH".


"Can I survive without sex?"

Yes, in fact, many people practice abstinence as a fundamental part of the religions they profess; However, we must understand the consequences of living without sex since sexual hormones are key to the proper functioning of our body, these hormones are mainly involved in our behavior and when we lose activity, they stop secreting certain substances that directly affect our mood and motivation, generating irritability, anxiety and insomnia. Withdrawal could also be linked to additional physical problems that you should pay attention to such as hormonal imbalances, cardiovascular problems, hypertension, diabetes, among others.

Surviving without sex Your Intimate Health

On the other hand, intimate encounters are part of the nature of the vast majority of women, whether or not they have a partner. It is for this reason that we must put aside another related myth and that is that women can live without sex because they do not need it as much as men; this macho thought no longer works. We all have the right to live and enjoy a pleasant and healthy sexuality.


“Can my vagina close due to lack of sex?”

Although it is true that a new hymen will not grow if there is no action down there, your vagina can close due to lack of sexual activity and it is after approximately 3 months that you begin to see changes in it that can lead to urogenital atrophy, which is the thinning, dryness, and inflammation of the vaginal walls due to the lack of estrogen production.

Yes, the vagina, like any other muscle in the body, can atrophy due to lack of use and the above symptoms can affect us emotionally and affect our quality of life, especially when we reach the menopause stage where these changes can be even more abrupt and They can be accompanied by changes in vaginal pH, both vaginal and urinary infections, and decreased vaginal lubrication. We could even talk about suffering from vulvodynia, chronic discomfort or pain in the area surrounding the opening of the vagina.

Closed vagina Your Intimate Health


"Could it be dried?"

Yes, this is sure to happen, and the more time passes, the more it will dry out. Clearly with the passage of time and "lack of use", you can notice these changes and believe us, vaginal dryness can be a real nightmare, that's why even when you don't have sex frequently or simply decide not to have them, the best thing to do is is that you keep this area clean and moisturized using ideal products for it.

Vaginal dryness Your Intimate Health

As well as moisturizing the skin of your face, you must do it with your intimate area, so our recommendation is that you use the Feminine Moisturizing GEL with Hyaluronic Acid that is responsible for hydrating, regenerating and rejuvenating this delicate part of your body. How can you use it?

  1. Massage your vulva with a small amount of the product once or twice a day.
  2. Apply a little on the outside and massage until completely absorbed.
  3. Also locate a little inside by inserting your finger inside the vagina.
  4. Let the product act hydrating and regenerating the area.

Likewise, we recommend using a special soap for her, our Feminine Cleansing Foam with organic blueberry extract, it will fall like a glove. This product will help you stay healthy, clean and free of odors, in addition, it will help you prevent the darkening of your vulva and genital area.


“Can it affect my sexual desire?”

It is possible that the libido decreases when you are going through a period of withdrawal, this happens because there is a hormonal drop and you do not feel as sexy as when you did it frequently, and of course it can affect you. The good thing is that, even if abstinence is by choice, or for whatever reason, you can maintain your strength, desire and vitality in all areas of your life, and also feel sexier to maintain your sexuality alone, or why not, attract and desire more eagerly once you find that person to go out with that summer.

Affect sexual desire Your Intimate Health

How can you achieve it? Consuming daily LibiZenzs Women Energizer , a natural nutritional supplement that increases your sense of well-being, keeping you with energy and vitality until the end of the day.

Practices that can help you overcome a sexual summer

  • Masturbation, yes or yes. Autoeroticism and self-indulgence are our favorites because you don't have to stop feeling pleasure, much less expect it to depend on someone else, in fact it's a good habit to get to know yourself and explore your points of pleasure. And the best thing is that you have an advantage, and it is the variety, in what you use and the way you do it. With vibrator, "egg", massager or old-fashioned; You are also the one who sets the pace between fast or slow. Other options that you have to help you are books and movies or series with this approach.

    Did you know you can even do it with our @VagiYoga Pelvic Floor Rehab ? This incredible product works as a personal virtual vaginal trainer, helping you perform Kegel exercises more effectively in order to prevent and improve unexpected urine leakage (urinary incontinence) and prolapses (exit of the pelvic organs to the outside of your genitals), as well as toning the muscles of your vagina so that you can enjoy greater pleasure during intimacy and improve your ability to reach orgasm.

    If you are going to use our @Vagiyoga or any other element designed for this practice, before introducing it into your vagina, do not forget to use lubricant, the Intimate Moisturizing Gel with Hyaluronic Acid from Zenzsual , which we already mentioned above, can also help you; It will not only facilitate penetration, but it will refresh and rehydrate the walls of your vagina. Another of the advantages that you can enjoy using it for this purpose is that you will make the hyaluronic acid contained in the product penetrate even more into the vagina and generate greater benefits for @tusaludintima.

  • For the most risky there are two very common practices:
  1. Having a "friend with benefits": what does this mean? Have an affair without commitments in which you can satisfy your sexual appetite without having to have a romantic relationship. Eye! It doesn't have to be your best friend, it does have to inspire confidence and that's where this concept comes from because it's an alternative for those who don't feel comfortable being with any stranger or looking for casual sex, as we'll see below.

  2. Casual sex: one of the most controversial or most controversial options, but as they say out there, whoever likes it knows it. Casual sex as a strategy to get out of the sexual summer is an act of considerable maturity and, above all, responsibility, if what you like and find exciting is flirting with someone you barely know and enjoying a night of pleasure without thinking about anything else. Of course, always remember to be protected, use a condom and always have your Kit on hand to survive the sexual summer: A good water-based intimate moisturizing lubricant (if it is with hyaluronic acid, much better), Your trusted pelvic floor trainer for enjoy more vaginal tonicity and greater pleasure and your nutritional supplement to raise libido naturally.
  • Abstinence as a last resort. Although it may sound surprising, this is one of the most common practices when summer knocks on the doors of your life and you decide to stay in it. Many women prefer not to have sex and channel desire and energy into other activities that occupy their time and mind such as playing sports, meditating, watching movies, working more. This is fine, the important thing is that by not worrying about sex you don't do the same with your intimate health and give it all your attention.

So, while you have made the decision to live in abstinence or continue in summer because you are waiting for the right person, keep in mind and put these recommendations into practice and of course do not miss this special promotion that we have for you, buy your kit GOODBYE SUMMER composed of Female Moisturizing GEL + Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Vagiyoga + Energizing LibiZenzs Women with a 30% discount and FREE SHIPPING and the Travel Kit as a gift.

How to survive a sexual summer? Goodbye Summer KIT Promo

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