How does your vagina work?

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In our last article we took you through the shape and parts that comprise such a precious part of a woman's body, now in these we want to guide you through the functions of THE VAGINA, which are mainly two: Receptor of the penis during the sexual encounter and Exit Channel from the baby to the outside world.

male organ receptor

As it is taught in the primary school curriculum (in the 4th grade books it is written like this), the vagina is a tubular, elastic, muscular organ whose main function is to house the male sexual organ during sexual encounters. Two consequences derive from this function: the meeting to generate pleasure, well-being and connection with the couple, and the meeting to generate a new Life. In both circumstances, the vagina undergoes changes that must be known.

What changes does the vagina undergo during this function:

Before penetration, if an encounter has taken place where the woman has been stimulated, her sexual response is manifested in the vagina with an increase in circulation that leads to an increase in temperature, a sensation of pulsatility or throbbing, and a greater humidity that is a consequence of the exit of liquid from the cells of the vaginal mucosa, the famous lubrication, which varies depending on the degree of excitement, age and amount of hormones that the patient has.

After intercourse has started, with penetration, if the woman is aware of her pelvic musculature and knows how to control it, an initial relaxation of the muscles occurs to allow painless penetration, which after the encounter continues, can vary to a series of muscle contraction and relaxation movements, at will, which little by little lead to Climax or Orgasm. At the moment of Orgasm, the group of pelvic muscles (orgasmic platform) located on the posterior wall of the vagina, in the outermost part, contract and lift the penis towards the anterior wall, this time involuntarily, and The most distal part of the vaginal canal dilates or widens and forms a kind of lake that favors the accumulation of seminal fluid that contains spermatozoa.

Exit channel for the baby to the outside world

After 9 months (38 to 40 weeks), the vagina goes through the most impressive changes in the human body. During those 9 months, the hormones that are produced during pregnancy prepare the vagina for the final moment, the delivery and passage of a baby, generally from 2,500 kg to 3,000 kg. These initial changes are an increase in the size of the blood vessels in the area, a greater elasticity, a higher water content in the tissue. During labor, once the dilation or opening of the cervix of the womb occurs, the baby begins to drop, as a result of the contractions and the mother's pushing, at that time, the vagina molds and stretches so that it the body of the baby fence passing. Both the muscles and the rest of the vaginal tissue are stretched many times their original size. All those vaginal rugae that are in the vaginal canal serve to fulfill this function. If, when the baby comes out, there are no tears or cuts made by the doctor, the vaginal tissue gradually recovers its tone and size. To achieve a return to normality, it can take more than 40 days and in general there must be a concern on the part of the woman to exercise and recover the tone and strength of the muscular platform that has undergone a radical change in its thickness. If the woman suffered some type of rupture or tear in the area or if some type of cut was made to allow the baby to come out, the recovery could be a little longer.

We hope that this little look at what the function of the Vagina is, guides you and allows you to know a little more about your body. Always remember that getting educated and getting to know each other allows you to be healthy, functional and beautiful, even in the most intimate.

Be sure to read our article How Your Vagina Changes, there we will show you the changes that occur in this important organ at different stages of life, and we will tell you how to prevent or even treat its alterations or malfunctions. Do not miss it!

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