Now you can shave without getting irritated... we tell you how!

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shave without irritation

The technique you use and the products you use to remove hair from the intimate area are decisive in saving you from cuts, irritation and subsequent darkening when healing. You can prevent it with a little attention.

National Healthy Skin Month is celebrated in the United States in November , thanks to the initiative of the American Academy of Dermatology. Perfect time to pay more attention to your skin and take note of these useful tips related to the hair removal technique known as shaving or shaving using machines or disposable razors.

The skin of the intimate area can reveal how you have treated it over the years . It is a personal task to do everything possible to keep it healthy and prevent common problems when shaving, when due to carelessness or misinformation we are victims of razor cuts that burn a lot, skin irritations that prevent us from wearing underwear and can even ruin a romantic session. with your partner due to sensitivity to rubbing. Not to mention the itching when the hairs begin to grow and the darkening of the irritated skin once it heals.


When we talk about shaving the phrase applies: prevent so as not to regret!

So take note of these recommendations to achieve an optimal shave, without the risk of mistreating your delicate intimate area:

  1. Moisten the intimate area . It is best to do it in the shower or after washing up.
  2. Apply a puff of Zenzsual cleansing foam (or the intimate hygiene product of your choice) on the vulva and surroundings.
  3. Spread the foam over the hairy area.
  4. Check the condition of the shaver . Preferably Use a new one, even more so, if you are someone who frequently gets infected with pores in that area. That the blade or knife is not rusty, bent or in poor condition.
  5. Always start shaving in the direction of hair growth . From top to bottom and from outside to inside. Never against it, because it is very likely that you will drag the pore, make a fissure and leave the skin exposed to bacteria.
  6. If necessary , open the lips a little with your fingers to remove the hairs closest to the edge with the same technique: from the outside in.
  7. If you reach the area of ​​the anus , do not pass the razor through the vulva again until you wash it with water and the same product.
  8. Rinse with plenty of fresh water.
  9. Dry the recently shaved area with a clean towel, specially dedicated for your intimate area.
  10. Before putting on your underwear . We always recommend using Zenzsual's water-based intimate gel because it is a moisturizing gel that will help rehydrate the shaved area, avoiding those annoying spots and inflammation that usually appear.
  11. He prefers to wear cotton underwear, without thick seams that rub against the lips, since they can help generate further irritation if they use nylon threads.

In this video of our founder Dr. @KlaraSenior we leave you a sample of how to do it step by step, where you will surely be able to see and understand better.

And if you ask us what our favorite hair removal method is , the preferred hair removal technique of the #TeamZenzsual and the #Zenzsual doctors, we recommend the diode laser (such as Alma Laser and Lumenis), because they have a technology that prevents the dark skins are pigmented. Always get advice from experts when waxing, that they evaluate your skin to make the best selection according to your pigmentation.

The dynamic duo of cleanliness and protection of the intimate area

Many times you hear us recommend Zenzsual products and we want to explain why we insist that you try them:

  1. Common soap in your intimate area can become very strong or abrasive to the point of destroying the good bacteria that your body produces to protect us from infections.
  2. Each Zenzsual product has additional differentiating components to minimize the negative effects that commonly occur in the intimate area. The gel has hyaluronic acid, the foam has bisabol and organic cranberry, and you'll find the same with nutritional supplements.
  3. They are vegan .
  4. Free of parabens and glycerin.
  5. They are not tested on animals.
  6. For its production, the procedures indicated by the FDA are followed.
  7. They are designed and produced by women for women. And two women gynecologists who for more than 20 years have listened to the health experiences of hundreds of women in their offices and work sessions.

But since we are talking about removing hair from the intimate area, we are going to stop to explain two of the Zenzsual products that can help you protect yourself from the ravages of the razor:

Zenzsual cleansing foam:

It is a cleansing foam for the external genital area WITHOUT DETERGENT (SYNDET), with hyaluronic acid and lactic acid to guarantee hydration and balance the pH of the area, organic blueberry extract to improve the local defense system, with bisabolol, which is a derivative of chamomile to prevent inflammation and ingredients that control odor, for daily use and grooming.

It comes in an easy-to-use presentation in foam and with a single application you can cover a good area of ​​the intimate area, seeking maximum performance.

Zenzsual water-based intimate gel: 

It is a hormone-free, water-based product, with vegan hyaluronic acid, pH balanced to normal for the genital area that hydrates the female genital area (due to its high hyaluronic acid content) and helps balance the pH to alleviate sores. symptoms of dryness; that can occur at various times in a woman's life.

Improving the health of the genital area and decreasing the chance of infections that are related to the imbalance of pH; which can happen after pregnancy, during the taking of contraceptives at menopause and on other occasions.

To get more tips like this, we recommend you visit our online store : where you can buy these products and learn about new ways to shield TuSaludIntima with Zenzsual. On our blog: you will also find more advice on women's health and sexual well-being.

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