6 Fascinating Things About the Vagina You Probably Didn't Know About It

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The vagina is a truly fascinating organ, for Zenzsual the vagina is the heart of our intimacy, it is so wonderful that it can provide us with maximum pleasure during sexual encounters and as sublime as being the channel to give birth to a human being, right? do you think it's incredible?

And that's how incredible it is that many women don't know it completely or we put it aside and don't take it into account. Sometimes, even because of "shame" or outmoded taboos in this age, many women are unable to pronounce his name: So repeat out loud VA-GI-NA, VA-GI-NA, VA-GI- NA... and that you never feel ashamed to mention it and recognize it as another (and very important) part of your body.

So today we bring you these 6 fascinating things you probably didn't know or never thought about YOUR VA-GI-NA:

  1. Sex keeps you healthy: Having sex or if you're single, using sex toys and masturbating keeps your vagina active and prevents your vagina from drying out prematurely with age and menopause.
  2. It can carry weight: hahaha even if it seems incredible to you, it is true! A Russian gymnast named Tatyana Kozhevnikova, holds the Guinness Record for being the woman who can hold the most weight with her vagina, lifting 14 kilos of weight. Can you believe it?
  3. Kegel exercises maintain the tone of your vagina, improving your ability to enjoy a pleasant intimate life and give your partner greater pleasure by contracting your pelvic floor muscles, yes those that support the vagina, squeezing his penis during sexual intercourse. . So speaking of lifting weights, it's time to start exercising it, because unused muscle atrophies and the vagina is no exception.
  4. With age it tends to dry up: yes, friends, with the drop in hormones that occurs during the climacteric period and menopause, vaginal secretion and lubrication decrease significantly, in some cases causing pain when the penis penetrates the vagina, erosion and even bleeding. .
  5. Your vagina doesn't need you to clean it inside , it cleans itself, so no douching! After having sex, enjoy your moment with your partner and after a while get up, urinate and rinse your external genitalia with water and an intimate washing gel without introducing anything into your vagina, rinsing your external genitalia will be enough. It is important that you urinate every 3 hours and drink a lot of water to avoid the famous "honeymoon cystitis".
  6. Avoiding being overweight protects your vagina , so always maintain a healthy weight! This will help lighten the load on your abdomen and prevent that excess weight and increased abdominal fat from falling on your vagina and causing vaginal flaccidity in the long run.
Remember that in your Zenzsual platform you can find all the tools to train your vagina and stay beautiful and healthy even in the most intimate. And speaking of training, do you already know VagiYoga™?

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