The importance of the erotic kiss in your sexual response

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erotic kiss

From physical attraction to the passionate kiss that excites anyone. Learn more about the importance of a good kissing session to achieve orgasm.

By kissing passionately with the person we like and in whom we are interested, we are helping the body to activate our sexual response, which begins with desire and excitement, until reaching orgasm and the resolution of the intimate encounter.

Within the framework of International Kissing Day, which is celebrated every July 6 , today we want to share with you some tips so that you do not underestimate the power of a good kiss and the previous warm-up in intimacy, since kissing initiates in our body a set of physiological reactions that help us reach orgasm.

Although there are women who reach orgasm with just a look, the vast majority need stimulation to achieve it and as our libido decreases as we get older, we may well resort to some strategies that help us maintain a healthy sexuality.


When we kiss we release various hormones such as oxytocin, endorphins and dopamine, as corroborated by a study from the University of Oxford published in 2019. In this research they state that the hormonal release produced by kissing is linked to a reduction in cortisol levels, a hormone that the human body produces in a stressful situation .

Imagine then if when we are really stressed we spend just a few minutes relaxing and kissing with our partners to help our body regain its balance. Doesn't sound bad right?


When two people kiss, the sexual response is activated:

  • In the body it increases the levels of oxytocin , a hormone that is activated in other situations of erotic interaction and provides a feeling of greater bond with the couple and tranquility.
  • The body produces increased levels of dopamine , which is a neurotransmitter associated with the feeling of euphoria or an explosion that comes from kissing someone, as well as the feeling of pleasure and desire.
  • When we kiss someone we like, cortisol levels, the well-known stress hormone, increase, which induces an increase in energy and sexual desire.


Romantic kisses during sexual intercourse help:

    • Facilitate arousal.
    • Initiate sexual relations.
    • Strengthen the feeling of bonding with the couple.
  • It gives you greater energy, a sense of well-being and calm.
    • It helps us with the choice of the couple and evaluate if it is the ideal
    • Mediate feelings of attachment in the couple.


    There are people who can experience an orgasm with a kiss without needing to physically stimulate any other part of their body. So we must give it its rightful place and importance within sexual relations.

    Erotic kisses play an important role in increasing arousal levels, during what we call prior warm-up, which is a relevant part of our sexual response.

    When there is an erotic or sexual intention in kissing, our body will begin to experience some biologically expected changes that give way to a state of excitement.

    The changes that you can experience with a good kissing session are:

      1. Increased blood circulation in the genital area
      2. Our skin stands on end
      3. our heart races
      4. We breathe harder and faster
      5. Muscle tension increases
      6. Increases sweating


    Let's now go over some of the most famous erotic kisses that can be useful to you at some erotic moment in your life:


    Neck kisses are famous for being one of the sexiest and most passionate kisses. The neck is an extremely sensitive erogenous zone that produces high levels of arousal, which is completely linked to eroticism and sensuality, which is why this type of kiss is highly pleasurable and desirable in private.

    Kisses on the neck also have various options to extend the time of enjoyment, because they can start from the chest and end in the ears, according to the preference of each person, opening the way to new erotic sensations, evoking an intimate connection with your partner . due to the high level of trust that is generated between the two.


    Also known as a deep kiss, it is a loving kiss in which the tongues of the participants are extended to touch the lips or the tongue of the other person. This kiss is considered very romantic, erotic and sexual.

    The tongue kiss stimulates the lips, tongue and mouth, all areas very sensitive to touch. In general, people consider this type of kiss something very pleasant and extremely intimate.


    This sexual kiss consists of an anal stimulation, involving lips and tongue. A practice that can be very pleasant since it is an area full of nerve endings.

    Of course, as in any other sexual practice, hygiene is everything. Before putting it into practice, make sure to clean the area perfectly and thus avoid the transmission of diseases as much as possible, because it carries risks of contracting diseases caused by bacteria present in fecal matter such as salmonella and E.coli.


    Also known as the art of "Pompoir" it is based on the fact that during vaginal penetration the woman must lightly squeeze her partner's penis with her vaginal muscles to create a type of massage or 'kiss' to the member. In the following video that we made with the motivating Maria Marin in the show "An Intimate and Sensual Night" we show you the details of this famous kiss.


    This practice refers to the action of receiving your partner's ejaculation in your mouth and then transferring it to yours through a French kiss . Yes, the truth is that it does not sound attractive and something strange, but some couples do it and it works for them. Due to the exchange of fluids, this type of kiss carries risks of contracting HIV, herpes, gonorrhea and chlamydia.

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