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“It wasn't your fault, nor mine, it was the monotony's fault / I never said anything, but it hurt. I knew this would happen” ... Shakira sang a few months ago, after her separation from Piqué became public and notorious.

Monotony? In Shakira's life? Many made jokes and memes. But yes, it is possible and forgive me for splashing you.

It doesn't matter that you have a “Superstar” couple of covers, who travel the world living an exciting life…the monotony catches up with them too. And if that happens to them and their life like a movie, what can those of us who lead routine and stressful work-home-work lives expect?

Specialists, psychologists, sexologists and psychotherapists warn that leading a very routine sexual life can lead to boredom in the couple and therefore to distancing. The perfect formula to end a relationship.

What do we do? How do we escape boredom?

The routine of talking about problems at home, money, children, work or family must be broken in some way and that is why we suggest that this Valentine's Day you try celebrating... playing.

Devoting one night a month to playing couples games has multiple benefits:

  • They allow us to get out of the routine.
  • We put aside day-to-day worries .
  • They are a good excuse to spend some time alone .
  • They focus us on the relationship .
  • They bring out our funniest part .
  • They arouse curiosity about the other person.
  • We relive important moments of our relationship.
  • New projects and shared fantasies arise.

This Valentine give yourself a new experience

Since we are children, when we play, we activate our creativity, we invent new scenarios, we change our costumes and we fantasize about being other people.

Here are some recommendations for organizing a game night that will get you out of the monotony:

  1. Communicate your idea and encourage your partner to explore.
  2. Redecorate and prepare the space.
  3. Add some toys to the experience.
  4. Open your mind and let yourself be surprised.
  5. Relive each moment.
  • Communicate your idea and encourage your partner
  • There are three fundamental qualities to maintain a healthy relationship (anyone, not just a couple): Knowing how to listen, knowing how to communicate and knowing how to argue.

    The first thing is to talk with your partner about that game night and agree where, how and what some of the rules of the game will be. You can also surprise her (him) but that would be a bit more risky because the game requires willingness to enjoy, but also that the rules are clear.

  • Redecorate and prepare the space
  • You don't have to do a total renovation, by changing lighting, smells, textures and making the space feel different, you can start playing.

    Identify the music that can accompany the game and prepare your playlist. A game night should please all the senses.

    Remember to turn off electronic devices and start a space for fantasies without chimes, alarms or interruptions.

    “If there is no possibility or budget to change the setting, the minimum is to have your game kit at hand”, recommends Melanie Rose, interior decorator and star of the Netflix series “How to design an erotic room”.

    If you are going to play alone, change the scene and prepare everything to achieve the right state of mind and relaxation.

  • Add some toys to the experience
  • When organizing a special night of games, try to include changes of roles, costumes, and incorporate new elements into privacy. The game can encourage the couple to talk freely about what they like.

    Prepare yourself with a gel that hydrates and lubricates, a cream for massages and a vibrator as a basic kit to take the game to another level.

    To extend the pleasure even more, a toy like the Zenzsual TriOrgasmic Vibrator can stimulate three points at the same time and take you to an unforgettable orgasm.

    Sex toys, specifically vibrators, can be beneficial when there is low libido and an inability to enjoy orgasm.

  • Open your mind and let yourself be surprised
  • One of the benefits of games is discovering new tastes and focusing on the other person with curiosity and without prejudice.

    Experimenting with something new can be complicated when you have been doing the same thing for many years. Let yourself be surprised, we may believe that we know everything about our partner, but our tastes can change and evolve over time.

  • relive every moment
  • To close that night of games, talk about what you liked, what you would do again and what you didn't.

    Reliving the moment will allow them to make communication more and more fluid and dare to try new games more often. Spicing up a relationship requires a lot of conversation.

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