This Christmas prepare an aphrodisiac menu

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aphrodisiac christmas menu

Take advantage of Christmas to boost your libido and your sensuality on every occasion. In December the parties, family gatherings, with friends and appointments arrive. Regardless of the occasion, food is always present, so take the opportunity to include some aphrodisiac foods that help you be in tune to celebrate. Here we help you achieve it!

At Zenzsual we believe that we must take advantage of every opportunity in life to strengthen our feminine health and our sensuality. We have talked a lot about the importance of food in this process and at the parties of this month of December we can easily overdo it, to the point of exploding with some stomach disease thanks to excess food and sometimes alcohol, two situations that definitely ruin the erotic moment, because when we get home our body and our mind give no more.

For this reason, it seems very important to us that you take advantage of Christmas to boost your libido and your sensuality on every occasion, and in the same way, to be able to control yourself and not fall into the typical excesses of the season, which in the end are detrimental to our health and our sexual well-being.

How to make the Christmas menu also an aphrodisiac?

Our first recommendation is that you plan to introduce some changes in the menu with the incorporation of some aphrodisiac foods that help your body to enter the ideal state for excitement and that the appropriate hormones emerge for the love affair after the good night . . It is about reinventing a traditional aphrodisiac to everyone's taste.

Turn Christmas dinner into a romantic evening : in addition to the changes you can make to the menu, you can start a suggestive game with erotic messages for your partner early on, for example, buy new underwear and send them a photo of the clothes. You can also share secret caresses or complicit glances during dinner, all this definitely lights the fire and prepares both of you for the private moment, remember that the brain and eroticism are the best allies for pleasure. After everyone leaves the house and you are alone with your partner, you can create a suggestive environment with certain flavors and smells that can stimulate all your senses and awaken your sexual appetite. Discover them! 

Look for new and fun gifts: you can surprise your partner with a different gift, like a toy, a book or even a movie. There is a lot to choose from these days to give your parties a spicy touch, like our VagiYoga.

Food options for your aphrodisiac menu

Include in your meals as many of these super sensual foods that will help you keep your libido at ideal levels, so you can celebrate the whole night.

Here are some options we found for you:

stimulating vegetables

Celery has a certain stimulating power, apparently carrying the male hormones; carrots, which increase sex hormones, and asparagus, which contain niacin, a substance that increases blood circulation in general and is a source of folic acid.

Fish and Seafood

Oysters, shrimp, prawns, prawns and clams, or fish such as salmon are suggested. For example, it is a good option to accompany it with asparagus and sesame, since both contain small amounts of zinc, which helps increase testosterone.

Another option could be some oysters with lemon or a seafood stir-fry. It is about letting your imagination fly and vary the traditional Christmas dinner.

hot spices

Includes cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, ginger, cumin, pepper, curry, coriander, saffron, cloves. In drinks and desserts can not miss!

aphrodisiac sweets

  1. Chocolate must be fundamental ingredients in our dessert. You can close dinner with a hot chocolate, a brownie with ice cream, in a sensual way that helps you get into that mode.
  2. Honey and royal jelly are also energizing and you can use it to sweeten your recipes.
  3. Include in your preparations a touch of anise , another aphrodisiac with a mild and pleasant flavor.
  4. Plant extracts such as guarana , damiana, ginger or ginseng are also energetic and activate desire.

aphrodisiac fruits

Among the fruits considered aphrodisiacs are strawberries, apples and bananas (also known as banana or banana) as well as dates and avocado , rich in vitamin D and E with great energizing value. Add a piece of these fruits to dessert and breakfast to start the day.

stimulating drinks

There are drinks that, due to the combination of ingredients, can help awaken the desire and libido of anyone. Some of the most recognized ingredients on this list are cinnamon, roses, cocoa, ginger, honey. When everyone goes to bed, you can accompany the romantic evening with a glass of wine to awaken the passion or start the private day with your partner with the classic champagne, strawberries and cream. Here we have compiled other options to accompany your Christmas recipes:

a spiced coffee

With hints of cinnamon and cocoa or a mint infusion that activates the production of female hormones.

Cocoa, ginger and honey drink

Put 150 ml of non-dairy milk in a cup, add a tablespoon of pure cocoa powder and stir. Add a tablespoon of thousand-flower honey and a gram of powdered ginger and you're done.

Ginger and cardamom drink

Put 35 grams of grated ginger and 35 grams of crushed dry cardamom seeds in a bowl. Pour half a liter of boiling water over them, cover and let stand for 6 hours. Then strain and add 750 grams of molasses. Put it back on the heat and when it starts to boil, strain it and transfer it to a glass bottle. You can take 4-6 tablespoons a day directly or dissolved in a little water.

sweet wine

Add to a liter of red wine, 30 grams of powdered ginseng root, 15 grams of powdered vanilla and 20 grams of cinnamon stick. Let macerate for two weeks, filter the wine and ready to drink.

love punch

Mix a cup of muscatel wine, 1 glass of cognac, a quarter of a liter of milk, a quarter of a cup of cream and sugar. Grate some ginseng root and nutmeg on top.

rose drink

For two weeks let a liter of rose water macerate with 20 grams of thyme, 15 grams of cinnamon sticks, 5 grams of vanilla powder. After that time, filter the rose water and add a syrup made with half a liter of water and a third cup of sugar.

carnation liquor

For a month, macerate 100 grams of red carnations in a liter of 85-degree alcohol. Then, filter the liquid and add 500 grams of sugar dissolved in half a liter of water, filter again and add half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder.

Peach schnapps

Crush half a kilo of peaches in a blender with a little water or liqueur from the same fruit and add a tablespoon of royal jelly.

In conclusion!

Whichever menu you choose, the important thing is that you create the ideal environment to take advantage of each Christmas evening with your partner . It is also important that you relax and be able to share moments, communicate and take advantage of the opportunity to thank each other to express what you how much they love each other and how much they would like each of them to evolve in the relationship. It is important that you take care of your body and do not overdo it with food or alcohol, because both do not benefit your performance and sexual enjoyment.

We trust that you choose the best option to eat healthy at Christmas while still enjoying this time of year! At Zenzsual we will accompany you on the path to being happy living a full sexuality, but for this you must empower yourself with your well-being.

For our part, we will continue to give you the best advice so that you have happy holidays and so that you plan your year 2020 as well as possible, so that you place your feminine health, your sexuality and a path to healthy aging among your priorities and desires. harmony with yourself

To find more information about your feminine health , as well as life as a couple and your sexuality, you can visit our website and follow us on social networks as @zenzsual, where you will get our Zenzsual intimate gel and our libido booster LibiZenzs , in its two versions for women and men , as well as the VagiYoga vaginal exerciser .

Any of them can be the perfect gift this Christmas . And of course, our team of specialists will continue to be available to help you solve your doubts and give you some more detailed tips,in the SexCoaching sessions .


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