World needs you! Become a leader in the age of Covid-19

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Women's Day / Credit: UN Women/Yihui Yuan.

This year the United Nations Organization (UN) decided to celebrate International Women's Day by recognizing the efforts of women and girls to forge a more equal future and recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. And how will you join this celebration? Here are some ideas, keep reading!

The theme of the celebration of World Women's Day this year will be " Women leaders: For an equal future in the world of Covid-19 ", thanks to the initiative of UN Women, as part of its efforts to have a more equitable for both genders and reduce the current imbalances that harm women.

The harsh reality is that women around the world are on the front lines of the Covid-19 crisis , as exemplary health workers, caregivers and leaders in the fight against the pandemic. This health situation has highlighted the importance of women's contributions, but also the disproportionate burdens they must bear.

Paradoxically many countries such as : Denmark, Ethiopia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, New Zealand and Slovakia, are led by women who have contained the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and react more successfully to its broader health and socioeconomic impacts. , and indeed, they have received wide recognition for the speed, decisiveness and effectiveness of their national response to Covid-19, as well as for the kind way in which they communicate factual public health data.

New COVID-19 challenges:

However, as a result of the pandemic, new obstacles have arisen that persisted before and that hinder the participation and leadership of women. That is why we see that all over the world women are currently facing:

  • An increase in domestic violence
  • Increase in unpaid care tasks
  • more unemployment
  • more poverty

To defend the rights of women and fully harness the potential of their leadership in a situation like this, UN Women affirms that it is key to promote:

    • Women's decision-making in all spheres of life,
    • Equal pay in the workplace
    • Equitable distribution of care and unpaid domestic work.
    • Health care services that respond to your needs.


This last point linked to women's health is where we work at TuSaludIntima. We consider it essential that women acquire the necessary knowledge to take care of their female health as a fundamental tool to face their duties and defend their rights.

That is why we always talk about creating value networks like #TeamZenzsual, where we support each other, demand our rights, but also proactively comply with our rights (acquired and new), which allow each woman to contribute true added value to her community, from his area of ​​knowledge and his experience, to open the path that allows him to live healthy and happy.

5 tips to take responsibility for your intimate health and celebrate this Women's Day:

And since we like to continue empowering women, regarding the monitoring and control of their health and sexuality, here we share some tips that have great and positive implications if you decide to incorporate them into your life:

  1. Attend the gynecological consultation if you have not done so this year. The doctor should be your ally and your first source to answer questions about your health or in the presence of any symptoms.
  2. Teach your daughters how to take care of their intimate health from a young age . That they know the differences between the vulva (outside) and the vagina (inside) and that they should not introduce soap or any type of chemical or household products. That they know how to clean their intimate area and sit correctly in the bathroom so as not to injure their pelvic muscles (on our YouTube channel you have many related videos).
  3. Learn to perform Kegel exercises and incorporate them into your daily routine to strengthen your pelvic floor and prevent urinary incontinence and organ prolapse. If you need help, remember that in our online store you will find the #VagiYoga vaginal trainer .
  4. Check the status of your relationship . Stay away from all forms of domestic violence, whether verbal, psychological or physical. If you have doubts or are experiencing it, seek help from an organization that supports women in your community. Don't let it happen to adults.
  5. Incorporate improvements in your sexuality . Take this opportunity to avoid falling into monotony. Innovation is possible, from self-exploration of the body with your partner, new sexual positions or techniques, the incorporation of a triple stimulation sex toy such as the #TriOrgasmic , the exaltation of your senses with erotic literature and films or something as simple as using a Quality intimate gel like the one from #Zenzsual that serves as a lubricant, avoids discomfort during intimate relationships and hydrates your genitals.

In short, it should be noted in this showcase that we have created the #Zenzsual line of products , dedicated to the care of women's health and sexuality, through our social networks @TuSaludIntima we keep sharing content of interest, tips and health advice and we partner with exemplary women who replicate with their voice the importance of women's health.

On this Women's Day, we invite you once again to raise your voice in your immediate environment, sharing your ideas of health and well-being and leaving your comments on our social networks @TuSaludIntima, using the hashtags of the global campaign: #IWD2021 # International Womens Day.

That this day does not go beyond the table or become an act of rebellion without sense or justification, but rather that we remember World Women's Day with actions that allow us to be happy and healthy, as a first step to contribute positively to your family, your friends and your community.



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