Do not fool yourself! Alcohol in excess if it interferes with your sexuality

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alcohol and sexuality

What if it works as an aphrodisiac or if we feel more beautiful. Everyone know that in women, excessive alcohol consumption can decrease lubrication and delay or feel less intense orgasm.

In movies and commercials we often see how a couple in the middle of a date has a glass of wine or any liquor next to them, generally the busiest places for a romantic encounter are those where they sell more alcohol, restaurants and nightclubs, parties are preferred to flirt or sexually connect with another person.

This has led us to think that, by drinking alcohol in its different presentations , we can better connect with each other physically, but it is not a completely true thesis and in this article we want to explain why.

It is not a secret that the sedative effect of alcohol decreases the ability to perceive sensations and that includes pleasant sensations, causing our ability to get excited to be altered.

Excess alcohol is the enemy of sexuality

The proven reality is that a moderate consumption of alcohol can help to enjoy the sexual game because it relaxes us and makes us feel more confident and secure. But many times we lose perspective on what is meant by what they call: MODERATE AMOUNT! Will it be a glass, a glass, a bottle or a liter? And relativity can be easily detected by our senses, which begin to fail with increased consumption.

The problem is when we drink so much alcohol that the next day we don't remember anything and we expose ourselves to situations of danger to our physical or moral integrity (for example, having sex with someone we didn't want, without protection against the spread of diseases or in Dangerous places).

Alcohol in its proper measure can be an occasional complement , never the means to enjoy sex. Normalizing the habit of maintaining relationships under the influence of alcohol can generate dependency and that ends up being necessary to be able to feel comfortable to reach the sexual terrain. The truth is that there are other healthier formulas that require us to know our body and its erogenous zones very well, to know what really gives you pleasure, and also to know what you don't like or areas of blockages where you need to seek help to overcome them. 

How does alcohol affect your sexuality?

Let's now learn how alcohol can have a variety of effects on your sex life, affecting your sex drive, arousal, and performance.

May increase sexual desire

A drink or two might increase arousal , but it's not a statement. Drinking alcohol increases testosterone levels in women, the male sex hormone that plays a role in sexual desire and is therefore considered to be a factor influencing desire.

There is also an element of suggestion and expectation . If we mentally associate drinking with inhibitions and feeling sexier and more confident, it can be seen as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Evidence shows that while alcohol can make women think they are aroused , too much drink actually has a negative physiological effect, decreasing genital response. The more you drink, the worse your genital response and physical arousal will be. 

Difficulty reaching orgasm

While one drink may not interfere with blood flow, excessive drinking can have physiological, cognitive, and behavioral impacts that can cause alcohol-induced orgasmic dysfunction. This can mean it takes longer to climax and have less intense orgasms if they do come at all.

In short, if you want a happy ending after masturbating or having sexual activities with a partner, it is better not to get drunk.

Dry, dry, super dry! Alcohol doesn't help us get wet

When women get aroused, our bodies increase blood flow to the genitals , causing them to swell and self-lubricate, preparing for intercourse. Drinking too much alcohol can stop these physiological responses and interfere with vaginal moisture, due to the lack of irrigation in the area and the dehydration that alcohol produces, resulting in friction, pain, fissures and discomfort.

This can be solved by using a quality water-based intimate gel such as Zenzsual's during intimacy, however, we are learning that this is not the only negative effect of alcohol.

3 common myths about alcohol and sex

Much is said about it, many tales and fantasies surround the sex-alcohol relationship, so it is propitious to know what some common rumors are about:

  1. The "beautifying effect of alcohol"... everyone looks sexier : The reality is that drinking lowers inhibitions, increases socialization and impairs judgment. So it's not hard to see why alcohol can lead you to sleep with someone we don't even turn to look at.

  2. They all process alcohol in the same way : Not true. Women and men absorb and metabolize alcohol differently. Women typically have less body water than men, even if they weigh the same. With less water to dilute the alcohol, women have higher concentrations of alcohol in their bloodstream, leading to more alcohol-related impairment.

  3. You are an “easy” woman when you are drunk : Absolutely false. Having a few drinks, even a lot of drinks, is not an excuse for unwanted sexual attention or activity. Clear consent is necessary and extremely important before any type of sexual contact. Engaging in any type of sexual activity with someone who is too drunk to consent is considered sexual assault.

Much remains to be investigated about the relationship between sex and alcohol, while that happens try not to overdo it and live in balance, to lead a healthier and more pleasant sexual life. For decades and decades we have seen and felt first hand what excessive alcohol can do, so it is best not to abuse it and try to strengthen our relationship with our body, our sexuality and our partners; to have the five senses totally dedicated to the enjoyment that sexuality offers us.

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