On Women's Day: How to be unstoppable 365 days a year?

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Women's Day - Unstoppable Women

How are you doing with the resolutions you set for yourself at the beginning of this year? Because we are already in March friend! And you well know that #unstoppablewomen achieve their happiness and well-being by hand, but in the meantime, we can get distracted and forget to achieve what really matters to us.

In this article, we want to share what unstoppable women do to achieve success, whatever it is that you consider. To be an unstoppable woman 365 days a year. Take note! let's get to the point!

Unstoppable all year long... 8 tips to achieve it.

Being successful, independent and healthy is perfectly possible today. But there is a secret to that: having the habits that day by day take you to the goal set. If you are reading, we ask you: What habits do you have daily to achieve success? This reflection is important, because many times we think that we do not achieve our goals and we get frustrated by it... but we do not realize that on a day-to-day basis, we DO NOT do anything that goes in the desired direction.

So here it is important to know what a habit or a micro habit is. To be able to begin to incorporate them into our daily lives.

What is a micro habit?

According to Peter Schroeder, a digital marketing specialist at SchoolKeep, he has used "micro habits" to master reading, learning a new language, and even web development.

As he told NBC News Better: " A micro habit is basically a very small step on how you can start doing pretty much anything you want to do ."

For example, if you want to become a runner, start jogging around your block once a day instead of trying a mile.

A micro habit "It's getting past that first step of saying ' Wow, this is a really amazing and monumental thing I have to do. How am I going to get there? “Instead of taking one step at a time,” explains Schroeder.

In essence, micro habits are small enough to take less than two minutes. They can be practiced every day and can completely change our circumstances.

With that said, let's take a look at what unstoppable and successful women do to stay healthy and productive.

#1 Set goals.

No wind will be good, if you don't know which port you're heading to. That sentence completely sums up the first micro habit that we suggest. Define your goals or objectives clearly, of course try to make them achievable and then gradually you can add complexity. The key to setting personal goals is to think on paper. Successful women think with pencil and paper, (and then save it on their favorite digital device) when you write... you force yourself to reflect that crystallizes your thoughts and makes them concrete from the abstraction of our mind. Write your goals.

#2 Plan your day the night before.

Proper planning prevents you from getting distracted —which happens to many of us— along the way and helps you stay focused. Many of us have an intense activity at night. You can incorporate a few minutes every night, to plan your next day.

It can be a simple list of all the tasks you want to complete. It can help to classify them according to priority (the further a task progresses towards your long-term goals, the higher its priority should be) and you can also block times throughout the day, so you can dedicate yourself to covering each task. As you do this every day, you will see how things flow more easily.

#3 Save and reuse.

The vast majority of unstoppable women have this habit naturally. As much as if it has to do with the use of all kinds of resources, such as money, saving and reusing it is one of the most important habits to achieve success and productivity. From the point of view of your finances, there is something essential: have a budget.

A budget is the tool that will allow you to know how, when and in what you are going to invest your money and why not, also your efforts. Unstoppable and enterprising women waste NOTHING.

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#4 Maintain discipline.

Unstoppable and successful women are disciplined, they follow the plan rigorously. The most common reason why many women do not achieve their goals is extremely simple: they forget about them! Keeping your goals in mind is NOT enough, because they will slowly fade away due to the busyness of our lives. Remember that we live in a society where distraction is present every minute of the day.

To avoid this, we recommend that you review your long-term goals every morning, before starting work. This way, your goals stay at the top of your mind and you can focus on them.

Plus, it will help you plan and design your days on purpose, so you actually make progress towards your long-term goals instead of just reacting to the daily rush. Keep in mind that you are NOT a female firefighter put out fires.

#5 Preserve values.

Being loyal to your principles builds trust and projects you with integrity. The vast majority of unstoppable and successful women are loyal to themselves and their values, which define them as a woman and person. And that in addition, they strengthen them before any role that they must play in life. There is no such thing as a successful woman who lies, is corrupt, or pretends something she is not. Sooner or later, those who do it are exposed. On the other hand, success is built on the basis of trust, the one that others feel for you and the one that you feel and cultivate with those people.

#6 Talk and connect with your friends and with people who dream big

Just as unstoppable women are loyal to their values, so are they to their people. Connecting, networking is another of those micro habits that we can have daily. On the one hand, to cultivate the true friendships that we have in life. Because it is there where we will find support and refuge when the moment is not the best. Not to mention, you'll also find all the good stuff.

And on the other hand, connecting and meeting new people is very important , for something simple: success and enthusiasm are contagious. Sharing the table with people who also want to achieve their goals, who dream big like you, will be very enriching and will keep you vibrating and resonating where you should, to continue advancing in your personal plan. If you got to this point: Today... Have you talked to another person who also dreams big and works towards their goals? If the answer is no, it's time to start adding this habit.

#7 Drink a lot of water, exercise and eat healthy.

Unstoppable women love each other, taking care of their emotions and integral health, staying active. When you wake up, it is important to hydrate your body immediately. After going without water for 6 to 8 hours, you are quite dehydrated. This leads to you feeling sluggish, unfocused, and maybe even a little irritated.

Therefore, it is recommended that you drink two glasses of water right after waking up. This simple habit will help you start the day. But if even doing this, you feel irritated, with colic, headaches or back pain... and perhaps your period is about to come, then we have a solution for you:

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Maintaining a healthy diet , rich in fruits, vegetables, cereals, relying on nutritional supplements such as Menstrual Zen, drinking plenty of water and having a daily exercise routine, are the micro habits that close this list. They will put you in the ideal emotional level to truly be an unstoppable, successful and healthy woman, every day of this and every year to come.

Now is your turn! What other habits can you incorporate today that will help you achieve your goals? Tell us on our social networks!

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