Did you neglect your sexual health this year? Relax, this is the plan for 2023

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If you neglected your sexual health a bit this year, don't worry, it can happen to all of us. So that you start 2023 on the right foot, we bring you these tips so that you can apply them so that you can enjoy taking care of your health to the fullest.

As we all know, our sex life can sometimes be a labyrinthine challenge whose interest and thought we must command. There is no “magic” manual to guide us on the right path, but this adventure can be more fun and safer when we recognize our personal preferences and needs.

Our main challenge is related to our day to day, we must include certain practices as a routine, which, although we have heard them thousands of times, we generally ignore them. Remember that your body is a temple, seek to take care of it and use it responsibly. It is important to maintain a healthy diet, get some regular exercise, find ways to manage stress, be it meditating, doing yoga or something that generates positive thoughts, also remember to avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, tobacco, etc.

Do you know that health and sex are closely linked? Being healthy will increase your stamina, which is very important for a fulfilling sex life.

Intimate hygiene is a key factor in keeping us sexually healthy. Luckily at Zenzsual we have absolutely everything you are going to need to cover this topic, which is why we recommend our Zenzsual Feminine Cleansing Foam with it you will be able to clean and hydrate your V zone delicately and without detergents, at the same time that it helps to control the odors and prevents browning.

Many times there may be health or hormonal problems; the use of birth control pills, some medications and even stress can create a certain dryness "down there" which can be a factor that makes you feel uncomfortable or creates pain when it comes to being intimate, not allowing you to enjoy your sexuality at the same time. maximum. Well, if so, we have the solution! With our Zenzsual Female Moisturizing Gel , which contains hyaluronic acid, you can regenerate your V zone naturally and without hormones.

When it comes to sex, staying clean involves not only physically cleaning ourselves, but also taking precautions against sexual health risks, which is why we recommend using a condom to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases. Of course, it's also important to see your gynecologist regularly for regular checkups and tests.

If there is something that bothers you, talk!, communicate with your partner. Conversations prevent uncomfortable situations from happening. Enjoy exploring new ways to create healthy pleasure.

Healthy sexual relationships are those that build trust and respect. The better your communication with your partner, the more intimacy there will be, which will lead you to have the confidence to explore new things that add a bit of mischief to the relationship and prevent it from becoming monotonous. For this we recommend our Vagiyoga , which in addition to being an ally to restore the muscle tone of your pelvic floor strengthens your intimate area, teaching you to tighten your vagina, improving pleasure for both, increasing the possibility of enjoying better and more intense orgasms. Remember to increase pleasure as a couple, help create deeper relationships.

The keys to maintaining our full sexual health for this 2023 can be summarized in three words: Hygiene, protection and discovery!

Take advantage of the benefits of sexuality as a healthy lifestyle! And start 2023 consciously and happily!

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