Are you clear about your purpose? Ours: that you empower yourself with your Health and your Sexuality

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zenzsual 3rd anniversary

In September we celebrate our 3rd. Anniversary. A month full of feelings and good memories, seeing Zenzsual and TuSaludIntima grow as a consolidated brand that represents for us another child, to whom we dedicate all our love and our professional knowledge to help you have full sexuality, age healthily reaching your life purpose

It seems unbelievable to us that just 3 years ago this adventure formally began, which allowed us to concretize all our experience as Venezuelan doctors and that it was born in response to hundreds of women who came to us looking for help, in medical issues that could be easily resolved, but that could also avoided with a little more knowledge and ridding ourselves of many inherited taboos.

3 years ago we started to normalize and speak respectfully about the female body and sexuality on social networks, because we discovered that thousands of people did not know, and in some cases do not even understand, how to wash their genitals to avoid infections, or how they can improve their desire and enjoyment in privacy, after having children or in the menopause.

We knew how to overcome obstacles with a positive approach and with a great team of allies that today allow us to proudly say that we are a powerful network of women's health and sexual well-being that connects millions of women in the United States, Latin America and in several countries. Europeans like Spain.

When you know your intimate health you manage to inspire other women to get to know each other, admire the fact of being women and perceive a world of opportunity to experience this process. And that is our essence and our purpose, that you can empower yourself with your body, be responsible for taking care of it and be proactive when living sexuality with well-being.

For this reason, in TuSaludIntima you can find valuable information for any woman, especially for those who:

  • They want to know more about how it works and how to take care of women's health.
  • They believe that sexuality is part of the integral well-being of the human being.
  • They are convinced that myths and taboos are obstacles to healthy growth.
  • And they have the power in their voice to say that taking care of your health is much more than going to the doctor; because it involves emotions, food, exercise and the proper functioning of the female organs and it even has to do with the posture when we sit, the people we surround ourselves with and the time we dedicate to our relationship.

With a professional and respectful approach, we do not intend to scrutinize your sexual preferences , rather we want you to take on the personal responsibility that seeks our happiness and care for our health means, and that you assume the important role of leading a pleasant life. Well, healthy sexuality begins by knowing ourselves well and feeling safe in our bodies.

Women change as we grow older and at Zenzsual we vibrate in tune with that feminine evolution . Hence the success of our products, which solve the different health problems or challenges that arise throughout our lives, from when we develop and learn to live with menstruation; then when we start to be sexually active and understand how our pleasure works; later we become mothers, our figure changes and hormones revolutionize our emotions. And with the passage of time menopause arrives with all the symptoms that nobody tells us about.

In that transit we discover who we are and what we want, but if you still have doubts about what your purpose in life is? Peaceful. We all go through these concerns at some point, the important thing is that you open your mind and allow yourself to recognize your changes, work on them and welcome them. At TuSaludIntima we will always accompany you in your process, providing you with valuable information and the Zenzsual products that will make you discover, feel and fill yourself with plenitude.

Because the important thing is that you take the step to self-recognition. When you decide to break the common schemes, speak each topic clearly and live your intimacy fully; you open yourself up to a world of opportunities.

As always, we invite you to visit our online store: to discover the Zenzsual product that best meets your needs and follow us on our social networks @tuSaludIntima to continue this conversation from woman to woman.

Let's continue toasting for many more years, growing together in TuSaludIntima!

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