Fortunately I am a healthy woman! Should I still supplement?

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To optimize the functioning of our body, many times we require elements that we do not produce naturally in sufficient quantities, which benefit our health and healthy aging. Nutritional supplements are one way to achieve this. We invite you to know those that benefit TuSaludIntima

Nutritional supplements are products created to complement food or diet, and among their ingredients they contain minerals, vitamins, enzymes, fatty acids and amino acids.

Natural medicine has shown to have a preventive and curative role throughout history and nutritional supplements encompass many of its benefits, opening up a huge range of healthy options today.

That is why we find a multitude of over-the-counter products in pharmacies, supermarkets and health food stores, which can end up losing us and putting us at risk if we make the wrong choice.

Take nutritional supplements safely

Consequently, to consume nutritional supplements safely and enjoy their benefits it is a priority to make good decisions and to achieve this we leave you 5 basic recommendations:

  1. Consult the experts : ask your doctor, based on your medical history and your current state of health, what are the nutritional supplements that he recommends you consume. Don't self-medicate based on someone else's experience.
  2. Reliable suppliers: buy your nutritional supplements only from reliable stores or suppliers, who are recognized as health experts, whose reputation is solid and proven. To whom you can turn to ask any questions when consuming the product and its components.
  3. Respect the doses. Consuming more vitamin capsules in a single day will not protect you more from contracting a virus or give you more benefits. Instead, you are giving your vital organs more work to process them and you are exposing them to problems in their functioning. Follow the label or doctor's recommendations.
  4. Observe your body's reaction: if you notice any unusual symptoms with the intake of a nutritional supplement, stop using it and consult your doctor. Verify that it is indeed bringing benefits to your health and that it does not interfere. Especially if you suffer from a chronic illness or if you are taking any other particular treatment or medication.
  5. Check the packaging: do not be a victim of the millions of counterfeit medicines that exist in the world. Check that the packaging complies with safety regulations and do not consume it if you notice that it has already been opened before or shows signs of alterations to the brand or container seals.

Nutritional supplements that benefit women

At TuSaludIntima we listen to the main female health needs, their ailments and common health problems that led us to produce 4 nutritional supplements especially for us, which are not intended to replace treatment and medical advice, but to complement good habits and prevent us from living with a poor quality of life in the following areas:

1. Lactobacilli: shield our immune system against intimate infections

One of the first lines of defense in the body is the local bacterial flora. #Zenbiotic is one of Zenzsual's nutritional supplements, with a formula designed to boost vaginal health as well as digestive and whole-body immune well-being.

Zenbiotic contains 25 billion CFUs of probiotics, which are good bacteria that coexist in the human body, promoting proper functioning and promoting natural environments that stimulate defense systems against germs that can cause disease.

This nutritional supplement is composed of Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli specific to the vagina, to reduce the frequency of the most common female problems such as: vaginal pH imbalance and the presence of yeasts or fungi (Candidiasis).

2. Healthy, but with less energy and sexual desire

Every healthy woman leads an active life, with multiple roles that often overload us with responsibility and devastate our energy and sexual desire. It is an increasingly common situation in young and healthy women, which worsens with age, later as menopause approaches.

Thinking of them we created the #Libizenzs nutritional supplement . Its objective is to increase the feeling of well-being, give vitality and energy until the end of the day, help lower the percentage of body fat, improve muscle mass, strengthen the immune system and increase the desire and sexual performance in general of the woman.

3. Symptoms of menopause

We can live healthily without excesses, but menopause is an unavoidable physical condition of the female growth cycle, and although some women go through it without major manifestations or symptoms, many of us feel the famous hot flashes, vaginal dryness, chills, night sweats, problems with sleep, mood swings, weight gain, and we see a slower metabolism.

To address and reduce all these symptoms, at TuSaludIntima we created the #ByeByeMenopause nutritional supplement with a 100% estrogen-free and soy-free natural vegan formula that regulates your hormones and frees you from the terrible discomfort of menopause. Contains Zinc, Angelica Gigas Nakai, Phlomis Umbrosa, Cynanchum Wilfordii, Succinic Acid, Black Pepper, Melatonin and a proprietary blend of natural ingredients aimed precisely at this goal.

4. Recurring Vaginal Infections:

If Cystitis and urinary system problems are present, even if you lead a healthy life, #ByeByeCystitis is a unique natural supplement, created to strengthen and protect the health of the female urinary tract. It has been formulated with a super concentrated Organic Cranberry extract, rich in Proanthocyanidins of the purest quality (PAC'S) and D-Mannose. These two ingredients together prevent the bacteria that regularly cause urinary tract infections from adhering to the bladder walls.

In addition to these two components, the unique combination of Zensual contains Vitamin C in the form of magnesium ascorbate (which does NOT harm the stomach), Propolis Extract, Oregano and Celery Leaf Extract. The #ByeByeCistitis formula has a high antibacterial and antifungal power naturally. It is an excellent antioxidant, acting as a natural diuretic to increase the flow of urine and prevent fluid retention in the body.

These are just the examples of nutritional supplements that add health and quality of life, so we invite you to continue delving into the world of women's health from a preventive perspective. Visit: where you can buy these products and learn about new ways to shield TuSaludIntima with Zenzsual.

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